They Don't Know About Us

Hi, my name is Scarlett. I'm writing an article for a magazine. The topic is high school stories. A flashback into the past is exactly what I need for this article. So I called in a few friends to help me explain everything. It's like a story book, coming to life.
I was a shy junior, who moved schools, so many times because of getting bullied. It's my first day of school, & I've already made new friends...Harry, Louis, Liam, & Niall. This year will change more to find out how.
(Present time to past time)


2. First Day of School

It's my first day at a new high school. My name is Scarlett Hope Harris, & I'm a junior. I always have trouble making friends, I'm the quiet one, & I'm shy around the popular kids....that's why they called me "SHH" at my old school, also my name I guess. I had to leave my other school because I was getting bullied by the head cheerleader & her posy. I don't know why my parents don't let me go to a private school, they want me to be social, but safe. Like, good luck with that, because I'm not being social & I'm definitely not safe in public high school.

I arrived, late, on my first day. I head inside the school after struggling to find a parking spot. I struggle to find the office, so I just roam around for a little while. As I roam the halls, I hear singing; as the voices get louder, I notice that the door is wide open. So I decide to stand in the doorway & listen. I couldn't see their faces, but there were 3 brunette guys, sitting the room, singing. They had their backs towards me, so I just decided to stay put. I was probably standing there for 2 or 3 minutes, when I started to hear faint foot steps getting closer to where I was standing, but I didn't think anything of it. I suddenly feel a warm breathe on my neck, & the words "well hello there" with a Irish accent to it, in my ears. I turn my head slightly to see a blonde boy with beautiful blue eyes starting right at me.... With a slight smirk on his face.

Scarlett: ah h-hi.

Blonde boy: you must be new here or you're just skipping class.

Scarlett: I'm new, I was just trying to find the office, but I heard them singing *pointing to the 3 brunette guys*, & I wanted to hear more.

I noticed that the blonde boy was getting more interesting in me, with all that I was saying, his smirk turned into a smile & his blue eyes became a lighter shade of blue. It was very unusual & different, but it felt good. I didn't notice that the 3 brunette guys stopped singing & were walking our way.

"Who's this, Niall?", said one of the brunette guys. He had shaggy long hair, a white t-shirt, black skinny jeans, & black shoes, with a hat topped on his head. He had a smirk on his face, looking at me up & down. Without thinking, I spoke up...

"What are you looking at?", with a little bit of sassy tone of voice. He looked surprised, but quickly recovered.

"You, also, wondering who you are, so... Who are you?", he said with a nervous tone of voice, but a confident look in his eyes.

Scarlett: the names Scarlett, I'm new here, I got lost, heard you guys all are really good.

Shaggy hair boy: well Scarlett, I'm Harry, Harry Styles. This is Louis, that is Liam, & I see you've already met my lad, Niall.

The blonde boy looked at me with a sweet made my legs feel weak, & I could feel my cheeks heat up. I quickly hide my face in my jacket sleeves, but I feel someone take hold of my wrists & removing them from my face. I lift my head to the ocean-blue eyes that belong to the blonde boy. He looks at me with a nervous smile, & mouths "hi", & give him a small smile, which made his cheeks turn red a bit. I lightly giggle, but I turn my head to see the three brunette boys looking and smirking at the blonde boy & I. Wait? Why am I calling him that? His name is Niall. And the other three are Harry, Louis, & Liam. I nervously smile at them, Louis speaks up...

Louis: now, that you two newly lovebirds are done with that glorious moment...we should really get Scarlett to her first class, well second now, since the bell is going to ring in a few minutes. Now Scarlett, what is your second period?

Scarlett: well um *looks at schedule* it looks like I have art class with Mrs.Williams.

Liam: ah Mrs.William's art class, it's fun. As long as your working on the assignment, she lets you talk & listen to music during the class. And...looks like you have art class with Niall. What's the rest of your schedule?

I had my schedule to Liam...the guys gather around him to view it. Harry, Louis, & Liam, all smirk...while Niall's face turned bright red.

Harry: well, well, looks like you have every class with Niall, even first period, which is a free period. We all have 3rd, lunch, & 6th period together. Second period, is just Niall, fourth is Niall, Louis, & Liam, then fifth & seventh is Niall & I.

*bell rings*

Niall: uh, Scarlett, we should get to class, we don't want to be late.

Scarlett: uh, yeah. Well I'll see you guys next period. See ya.

They waved & said bye. I ran to catch up with Niall, losing my balance, and falling on top of him. Smooth. I look at Niall, & he looks surprised. So I just roll off of him, & he gets up, puts out his hand, I grab it, & he lifts me up. I jump up & I'm about 5 inches away from Niall. Woah, he's tall. He looks down at me with a gentle smile on his face. I put my hand on his chest, & push away a bit...he looked a bit upset, I'm not sure why, but he quickly recovered. I giggle a bit & he laughs nervously, rubbing the back of his head.

Scarlett: so um, haha, uh where is the art room?

Niall: it's right....right there *pointing to a big colorful room with a bunch of paintings & drawings*

Scarlett: haha ok.

Niall: let's go tell Mrs.Williams that you're the new student.

Scarlett: ok, I'll just follow you.

Niall: hi Mrs.Williams, this is Scarlett. She's the new student you were talking about yesterday.

Mrs.Williams: ah, Scarlett, it's very nice to meet you...Niall, please go sit down, I would like to have a word with Scarlett.

*he nods & walks away*

Mrs.Williams: okay, Scarlett. First of all, I can tell Mr.Horan over there, fancies you very much.

Scarlett: oh, really? Uh I don't know...he's acting shy, I think I scare him.

Mrs.Williams: Darling please. He's shy because he likes you... You'll figure that out in time. Oh & look at that! *looking at her seating chart*...the only seat left is right at the table he's working at....a table for two.

Scarlett: oh, uh, ok.

Mrs.Williams: Scarlett, don't be nervous...he's just a guy.

And that's what I was afraid of...not technically guys in general. Just falling for him...& him not feeling the same way.

So I slowly walk to the table, & stand over it for a few seconds. He looks up, & smiles gently, but still flirty...if that even makes sense. I put my stuff down, & sat in a chair that was right across from him & he kinda frowned...

Scarlett: what?

Niall: there's a space right next to me.

Scarlett: I thought you needed your space.

Niall: oh.

Scarlett: what?

Niall: nothing, so what kind of stuff are you into?

Scarlett: well I'm into photography, sketching, singing...

Niall: singing?

Scarlett. Uh yeah.

Niall: how well do you sing?

Scarlett: people say I'm pretty good.

Niall: can I hear you?

Scarlett: do you mean right now?

Niall: no no, unless you want to.

Scarlett: no I'm good, you'll have to wait.

Niall: okay, how about at lunch?...the guys & I go eat under a big tall tree in the court yard...I could bring my guitar, & you can sing for us?

Scarlett: all 4 of you??

Niall: I mean if you don't have t-

Scarlett. No it's ok, I'll do it. I'm just really shy, so I can't sing in front of a big group of people

Scarlett: oh I see...oh wow, we have 5 minutes of class left.

Niall: I guess time does go by fast when you're doing something you love...

He kind smirked & blushed lightly. I didn't think about it, so I just giggled & he smiled. As soon as the bell rang, Niall & I walked out talking about the movie, Space Jam. We are both obsessed with that movie. During our walk, we were singing the Space Jam theme song...we got to the guys & they just looked at us weird...we did a big finish, froze, then laughed. I figured they'd be weird about us horribly singing(on purpose) the song, but they joined in for another round of singing the song...except we sang better. We....mostly the an applause from some group of girls that looked like stereotypical sassy girl that caused a bunch of drama. The guys just waved, & laughed... & right in front of the girls, gave me a big hug. Also, Niall gave me a simple kiss on the cheek, my cheeks turned red, & I earned a lot of glares from a bunch of girls....but I, for once in my life, didn't care.

The rest of the day went by fast, and I had a lot of fun to be honest. I was walking out of the school with the guys when I tripped over someone's foot. I dropped everything, but thanks to my luck, Niall caught me from landing on my face.

Scarlett: umm thanks...for catching me.

Niall: sure, I'll always be here to catch you when you fall. *winking*

I blushed a little bit, and kinda sorta giggled. I went to pick up the rest of my stuff, but the guys already picked it all up.

Scarlett: thanks guys

Harry: sure, now, are you coming with us to the campfire?

Scarlett: campfire?

Louis: Niall didn't tell you yet?

*Scarlett shakes her head*

Liam: well the campfire is a big party where a bunch of people go to hangout & sing a bit. Wanna come?

Scarlett: uhh yeah sure, sounds awesome! I just need to go home & get ready. That all right?

Niall: yeah that sounds perfect, just text me, and I'll come pick you up when you're ready.

Scarlett: ok great. Well, I better start driving if I'm going to be home to have enough time to be ready. See ya!

Niall: wait, can I come?

Harry: yeah, let the Nialler tag along with you

*Niall glares at Harry*

Scarlett: alright blondie, let's go.

Niall: blondie? Why blondie?

Scarlett: your hair, duh! Now come on, before I leave you behind.

Niall: ok ok I'm coming.

As we walk away I hear Harry & Louis shout together..."don't forget to use protection!!", & Liam say... "Ok guys, leave Niall alone.". I laugh as I notice Niall's face getting red.

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