They Don't Know About Us

Hi, my name is Scarlett. I'm writing an article for a magazine. The topic is high school stories. A flashback into the past is exactly what I need for this article. So I called in a few friends to help me explain everything. It's like a story book, coming to life.
I was a shy junior, who moved schools, so many times because of getting bullied. It's my first day of school, & I've already made new friends...Harry, Louis, Liam, & Niall. This year will change more to find out how.
(Present time to past time)


17. Driving in Hot Tension

Scarlett: Niall, you get into the bunk, then I'll sleep onto of you or next to you.

Niall: alright baby, whatever you want to do *half asleep*

It was 11:30 pm and we just left for the beach. The guys weren't ready in time, then the bus broke down a few miles from Niall's house. So that took 3 hours to get a new one from the agency. All the guys are asleep, and Niall is close to being asleep...but...

Scarlett: Niall?

Niall: yes my princess?

Scarlett: oh I was going to tell you that I forgot my bikini, so I need to go bikini shopping before we go to the beach. I'll also need someone to come with me...sooo

His eyes sprung open, making me laugh a little.

Harry: that sounds like fun, we'll all go!

Guys, minus Niall: yeah!

Scarlett: I thought you guys were asleep?!

Guys, minus Niall; nope, not at all!

They laughed as I rolled my eyes & laid on Niall's chest. I fell asleep soon after kissing him goodnight and saying our "I love you"s.

I woke up to the sound of Niall's light snores & the guys talking outside in the little room close to the bunks.

Louis: yeah I know but seriously. We can't do that.

Liam: why not? I mean, he likes her, why not start a conversation about it?

Harry: but we can't rush their relationship. They are happy right now. I'm sure he'll ask her when he's ready.

I jump out of bed, trying not to wake up Niall & quietly walk to the area of the bus they were in. I stand in the doorway with my arms crossed.

Scarlett: what are you guys talking about?

Harry: uhhh nothing Scarlett.

Scarlett: uhh ok haha

Liam: Wait? Seriously? Are you just going to let it go?

Scarlett: yeah, I mean if its not my business, why should I worry about it *shrugs shoulders*

Louis: stop stop its obvious you over heard our conversation

I just smiled widely & laughed. Then I heard a sleepy groan coming from the doorway.

Niall: what are we talking about?

Louis: uhh we are talking ab--

Scarlett: about how you & I need to have our own hotel room *pecking his lips; hands on his chest*

Niall just smirked & slightly laughed. I turned around to the guys and smiled, then walked out of the room, into the small kitchen on the bus. Niall followed close behind.

Niall: you're such a flirt.

Scarlett: how so? *slight smile*

Niall: because you make it so hard for me to control myself around you. Plus, you look flawless every time I see you.

Scarlett: haha thank you love. And I do believe it's called a "tease" not a "flirt" haha *wink*

I turned around & flicked my butt in Niall's direction; walked back to the little area everyone else was in, with a glass of water in my hand.

No One's POV:

Niall tips his head back & laughs. He watches as Scarlett walks back to the little area in the back of the bus. He looks down & smiles, thinking to himself...

"How did I get so lucky? She's perfect, and I'm not, but she says I am. I want to write her song, explaining my feelings. Hmm but what song? I'll ask Louis for help."

I walk to the back of the bus with a smile on my face. Scarlett is standing in the doorway, so I snake my arm around her waist; she looks at me and smiles.

Niall: hey Louis, can I talk to you mate?

Louis: yeah sure mate.

We go to the front of the bus to talk, but Louis talks first.

Louis: Niall, do you love Scarlett?

Niall: of course, why?

Louis: I don't know, just wondering I guess.

Niall: no Louis, what is it, really?

Louis hands him a magazine with Niall & Scarlett's picture on it, but another guy next to Scarlett.

Niall: what's this?

Louis: the other guy is her best friend from her home school. The press looked through her phone when she dropped it at the after party, before they gave it back to you at the hospital. They were saying things like "I love you so much" & "babe, it's forget obviously."

I was crushed, what was this? Who was this? I need to talk to her.

Niall: uh thank you Louis, I'll be right back.

Louis: good luck mate

I just nodded & walked to the back of the bus.

Niall: Scarlett, may I talk to you please?

Scarlett: sure love.

She got up & we walked to the couch area in the middle of the bus. She looked confused, since I sat on the opposite side of her.

Scarlett: Niall, what's wrong?

Niall: you love me?

Scarlett: of course Niall, I really do. You're my first & only love.

Niall: then what is this? *showing her the magazine* go to page 21, also.

She looked at the front cover, then went to page 21. She stared at the page for awhile.

Scarlett: where did they get these messages?

Niall: you dropped your phone at the awards, then they apparently looked through your phone before they gave it back to me at the hospital while you were in the coma.

Scarlett: Niall...this is Alexander, you know "Alex" the best friend I talk about all the time...*she starts giggling*

Niall: w-what's so funny?

Scarlett: N-Niall...*laughing*...he's gay.

I blush, forgetting that Alex was gay. She's told me before, but it never occurred to me until now, that she was talking about a guy.

Scarlett: we just text Niall. He's like my brother, well sister. Well, family.

Niall: well...I'm glad that was cleared up.

Scarlett is trying not to laugh, but she gets up and stands in front of me. She leans down & kisses me. The kiss went from gentle to heated, real quick. The kiss got deeper and deeper. I pulled her down on top of me, and gently grabbed her thighs. She raced her hands through my hair, as I rubbed my hands up to the edge of her shirt. She tugs at mine, and I slowly start to take it off, releasing from the kiss for a slight second. We continue the kiss, once my shirt was off. I pull at her shirt, and she starts to take it off, to reveal the bottom of her black laced bra. We release the kiss, so she could take off her shirt, but...

Louis: damn it you two! Get a bloody room! *covering his eyes; walking away*

We look at each other wide eyed & quickly put our shirts on. We didn't make eye contact at all...what just happened?

I saw as she left the room, she was on the edge of tears, what happened? Did I do something wrong? Did I hurt her on accident? What happened?

I questioned myself over & over, waiting to have a logical answer, but nothing popped into my head. I walked to the end of the bus, but she wasn't there.

Niall: hey mates, where's Scarlett?

Liam: uh I do believe she went to take a small nap, she wasn't feeling well. At least, that's what she told us. What happened mate? Louis told us, but why is she crying?

Scarlett: he didn't do anything. *peaked her head out from the bunk's curtains*

Niall: then what's wrong love?

Scarlett: I need to sleep. Please, I need my rest. *closed curtain slowly, crying*

Niall: but my princess, you're crying, I can't leave you like this. May I take a nap with you?


Niall: ok keep the curtain closed for no & opened for yes.

The curtain slowly opened, revealing Scarlett's bare back. Since she was sitting up, I handed her a my sweatshirt, from behind her. She took it and put it on, then laid back down. I crawled in with her, & cuddled her. She cried & cried but never told me what was wrong, no matter how many times I asked. I let her cry into my chest until she fell asleep. I was so upset to see my princess like this...I hope I can talk it out of her tomorrow, once we get to the hotel.

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