They Don't Know About Us

Hi, my name is Scarlett. I'm writing an article for a magazine. The topic is high school stories. A flashback into the past is exactly what I need for this article. So I called in a few friends to help me explain everything. It's like a story book, coming to life.
I was a shy junior, who moved schools, so many times because of getting bullied. It's my first day of school, & I've already made new friends...Harry, Louis, Liam, & Niall. This year will change more to find out how.
(Present time to past time)


3. Before the Party

As we are walking to my car, I can feel Niall looking at me from the corner of my eye. I could feel his nervousness & curiosity in the atmosphere around us...I could tell he was acting different than when he was with his friends. I feel like I could have a little fun with this😏😉.

I decided to let the car ride be silent with the music play in the background. It wasn't an awkward silence, it was more of a comfortable silence.

We arrived at my house and I saw that my parents were home. Oh no. I unlocked the door, & saw my parents sitting in the living room. I walk in with a big smile, and my chin up, they looked curious.

Scarlett: hey mom, hey dad.

Scarlett:'s mom: hey sweetie, how was school?

Scarlett: it was great, I made a few friends, in fact this is...

*turning around to see that Niall wasn't there*

Scarlett: I'll be right back.

I turn around to go get Niall, he was pacing back & forth in the greeting room. I grab his hand, startling him, & walked back into the living room.

Scarlett: mom, dad...this is Niall.

Niall: it's very nice to meet you both Mr. & Mrs. Harris.

*shaking my parents' hands*

Mom: it's very nice to meet you too Niall. So what are you doing here exactly?

Scarlett: he's taking me to a campfire this afternoon, so I decided to have him tag along until we have to leave.

Niall: yeah, she's my...

Scarlett: Date. I'm his date.

Scarlett's dad: date? You got a date to a campfire, your first day at school.

Scarlett: uh yeah...I trust him.

Scarlett's dad: *big breath* very well. You know what you're doing...just please use prote...

Scarlett: DAD! Really? In front of Niall?!

Scarlett's dad: ok ok.

Scarlett: we'll be upstairs if you need us.

I turned around, grabbed Niall's hand...& headed upstairs. We reach my room, I opened & closed my door. Niall starts laughing so hard he's turning purple because he can't breath. He's sitting on my bed, I just roll my eyes, and started going through my clothes. I decided to pick out my favorite "Teenage Dirtbag" shirt, a varsity jacket, light blue jeans, & my black beanie. I grabbed it all, all went to the bathroom, along with my makeup bag. I walk out of my closet. Looking at Niall, I walked by, grabbing the door handle, when he stopped me by saying...

Niall: are you going to put on makeup?

Scarlett: uh yeah...

Niall: if you were going by my opinion, you're beautiful without makeup.

I blush as I look at my makeup bag, I look up at him, and toss him the bag.

Scarlett: thank you...can you put it back up in my closet?

Niall: yeah, sure *smiles*

I walk out of the room, into the bathroom. I take off my outfit I wore to school, then get into the shower. After 10 minutes or so, I get out of the shower, dry my hair, then put on the outfit I'm wearing to the campfire.

I walk into the hallway, getting ready to push my door open, when I hear Niall talking on his cellphone.

Niall: listen Harry, all three of you know that I like her, but I highly doubt she likes me back.

He had the phone on speaker, so I heard everything...

Harry: dude, it's obvious that she's into you. After tonight, I bet you two will be a couple. Just trust me dude.

Niall: ok thanks Harry. Oh, um I got to go, she's out of the shower.

Harry: okay, see you at the campfire.

*call line went dead*

I wait a few seconds, then walk into the room with a smile on my face.

Niall: hey Scarlett

Scarlett: hey Niall

I walk past him, straight to my closet, grabbing my black ankle boots. I sit closely to him on the bed, so I can put my shoes on. I notice that he's staring at I turn to look at him, and we were closer than I thought.

Scarlett: what? *shy smile*

Niall: you're just too beautiful, to not look at.

I blush & put my head down.

Scarlett: thank you ☺️

He lifts up my chin, we are eye to eye now. He was getting closer & I didn't move away. We were so close, until...

*knock knock*

Scarlett: Uggghhhh come in!

Scarlett's mom: sweetie, your dad & I are heading out to a dinner date. Make sure you lock the doors on your way out, okay?

Scarlett: ok, thanks for letting me know mom.

She nods, smirks, and walks out of my room, closing the door behind her...surprisingly.

I look at Niall...I lean in, and place my lips on his. He was a bit surprised, but then started kissing me back shortly. It was great...until Niall's phone rang.

Niall: *whisper* sh*t

I laugh lightly & smile. He picks up the phone...

"Yeah. Yeah okay. Okay, see you there."

Niall: that was Harry, asking if we were coming to the campfire yet.

Scarlett: okay.

I grab my purse, phone, & phone charger. I start to head out of the room, turn around, and grab Niall's hand.

Scarlett: let's go.

He smiled as we headed downstairs.

Niall: let's walk to the school, so we can get my car.

Scarlett: sure.

We start walking, holding hands, and he starts singing an accapella version of Last First Kiss....

Baby I, I wanna know
What you think when you're alone
Is it me yeah?
Are you thinking of me yeah?
We've been friends now for a while
I wanna know that when you smile
Is it me yeah?
Are you thinking of me yeah? Oh, oh.
Girl what would you do, would you wanna stay
If I were to say
I wanna be last, yeah
Baby let me be your
Let me be your last first kiss
I wanna be first, yeah
Wanna be the first to take it all the way like this
And if you
Only knew
I wanna be last, yeah
Baby let me be your last
Your last first kiss
Baby tell me would it change
I'm afraid you'll run away
If I tell you what I've wanted to tell you (yeah)
Maybe I've just gotta wait
Maybe this is a mistake
I'm a fool yeah
Maybe I'm just a fool yeah (oh, oh)
Girl what would you do, would you wanna stay
If I were to say
I wanna be last, yeah
Baby let me be your
Let me be your last first kiss
I wanna be first, yeah
Wanna be the first to take it all the way like this
And if you
Only knew
I wanna be last yeah
Baby let me be your last
Your last first kiss (your last first kiss)
Your last first kiss (your last first kiss)
Girl what would you do, would you wanna stay
If I were to say
Your last first kiss
I wanna be last, yeah
Baby let me be your
Let me be your last first kiss
I wanna be first, yeah
Wanna be the first to take it all the way like this
And if you
Only knew
I wanna be last, yeah
Baby let me be your last
Your last first kiss
I wanna be last, yeah
Baby let me be your last
Your last first kiss
I wanna be last, yeah
Baby let me be your last
Your last first kiss    

The song was over, great timing since we reached the school parking lot.

Scarlett: I love your voice

Niall: why thank you. Maybe I could hear you sing sometime?

Scarlett: maybe.

Niall: how about at the campfire?

Scarlett: in front of everyone?

Niall: there won't be many people there.

Scarlett: ok, I guess.

Niall: only if you want.

Scarlett: I will, just only for you. Not everyone else.

Niall: that sounds great to me.

I just smiled, and nodded.

Scarlett: so which one is your car?

Niall: this one. *pointing at a brand new white mustang*

Scarlett: sweet ride

*getting in the car*

Niall: thanks, it was a birthday gift from the agency.

Scarlett: ahh ok, the fanciest gift I've every gotten was a dress my older brother gave me for my birthday this year. I had my eye on it for about 7 months, I was trying to save up for it, but then I had to move and my brother stayed behind to stay at college, so he mailed me the dress with a card in it.

Niall: your brother sounds like a guy that cares for you, a lot.

Scarlett: yeah he always wants the best for me, and he taught me what to look for in a guy.....he's taught me very well☺️.

Niall: haha thank you

We spent the rest of the car ride talking about our childhood, families, friends, hobbies, etc. We finally arrived at the place the campfire was being held. We got out of the car, Niall held out his hand, & I gladly took it. Walking into a silent room with people staring at us, was a very awkward experience.

Niall: what are you guys doing? *smiling the big smile of his*

Louis: we are watching Pitch Perfect until it gets dark enough for the camp fire.

Niall: alright, sweet.

We walk over to a couch that was empty, Niall sits down, & I sit down...he pats the couch close to him, leans towards me whispering..."I don't bite" with a smirk on his face. I lightly laughed & scooted over towards him, laying my head on his shoulder, & him wrapping his arm around behind me. We watched the rest of Pitch Perfect, when I noticed I was dozing off into a deep sleep.

I woke up, confused as to where I was. I felt Niall move a bit, so I looked up to see him trying not to wake me up.

Niall: oh, did I wake you up?

Scarlett: nope, not at all.

Niall: okay *smiling*

I look around at the empty room.

Scarlett: where is everyone else?

Niall: they've been outside for about an hour, at the campfire

Scarlett: oh, I'm sorry from keeping you from your party.

Niall: don't worry about it, I don't mind staying inside, if that means you get to sleep.

Scarlett: thank you Niall.

Niall: no problem, now do you wanna head out?

Scarlett: yeah sure.

Niall: wait!

Scarlett: yeah?

Niall: will you wear my soccer jacket?

Scarlett: absolutely☺️.

I take off my jean jacket & put on Niall's jacket. It was a bit large on me, and I liked it that way.

Niall: you look great in it, my princess.

I blushed and hugged him. We stayed like that for a few seconds, then we heard someone clear their throat....Louis.

Louis: now we wouldn't want you two missing the party, come on out. Oh and Scarlett, nice jacket. *smirking at Niall, walking back outside*

Scarlett: haha let's go.

I grab Niall's hand & head outside. The music is playing, so I take him to the dance floor...and he all of a sudden stiffens.

Scarlett: what?

Niall: I'm not much of a dancer.

Scarlett: come on Niall, dancing with me is different than dancing alone.

Niall: okay, but only because you're my princess.

I blushed as I danced with him. Then, a slow song came on...& everyone exited the dance floor; Niall & I were the only ones slow dancing.

He looked nervous, but kept dancing anyways. He pulled me closer, and I rested my head on his shoulders. The song ended eventually...but we just stood there. Another song came on, & it sounded fairly familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I lift my head, & saw that Niall was close to crying...I took his hands & walked back into the house; I found some steps & sat on them with Niall.

Scarlett: what's wrong?

Niall: the means so much to me, & I didn't think I'd ever hear it again. It's my favorite song, & it brings back so many memories for me.

Scarlett: oh, I've heard it before, & I love it...but I don't know the name of the song.

Niall: it's called "Hey Brown Eyes" by Hemā Jr.

Scarlett: well, it's a beautiful song. Why does it bring you to tears?

Niall: yeah it is...I'll explain later, let's enjoy tonight.

Scarlett: ok, sounds good to me.

He gets up, rubbing the tears away from his eyes. He smiles, reaching out his hand, & I gladly took it; we walked slowly back outside to the campfire.


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