Codeword: Kitten

Liza was just living her average life, great job and even better friends, but things might just be about to change.

(This isn't set anywhere in particular, in fact I don't even think the place exists.)


3. Chapter 3

I awoke to Boo licking my cheek, I drew back from her and laughed as she tried to carry on with her assault. I ended up having to push her from my face, sitting up to find her looking as innocent as she could. She made a move to try and


"Boo stop, come on let's get you fed." I hopped out of bed and ran down the stairs with Boo hot on my heels feeling tired wasn’t an option when a puppy was hungry and needed her breakfast. I'd had her three days now and she's settled in like a duck to water, and she made sure I was well awake in the mornings.


She sat by her bowl looking up at me before I filled it, and then waited for me to tell her when she was ok to eat it. Though today she was going to a puppy day care and to get started on basic training, I wanted a well behaved puppy and I knew I wouldn't have the time to train her myself right now because all of the furniture ordered for Panda had arrived incredibly early.


I made myself some porridge, as much as I would love a full English, I suck at cooking. I could make pasta, use the microwave and toaster and use the cooker as long as nothing took longer than fifteen minutes, or I'd be too lazy and make something from out of a packet. The only way I could cook to a slight extent is when I bake, but that's only because Kat and Eb said it was "unacceptable that you can't make a cupcake" though to this day if I tell them I going to bake they spam me with messages with recipes so I don’t screw anything up, even Dani sends some messages to make sure I don't burn anything.


I looked down to find Boo had finished her breakfast just as I had my last spoonful of porridge, I nodded to the back door. Moving to open it as I got ready to wash up the dishes. She did her business as usual before heading back inside to lay on the bed I set up in the kitchen. I'd found if I was in the room and she couldn't lie on me, then she can get a dog bed in the rooms. They were places in area’s safe for her, and the kitchen bed in particular was located in an alcove under some shelves that held spices and sauces that I hardly used, that way I knew she wouldn’t be able to break anything, hurt herself or make the place unhygienic.


I got myself ready as she made her way around the house to play with her toys, I could hear the squeaking from in my room. I dressed myself ready for today's work, then headed downstairs for my Boo. I smiled down at her, reaching for the leash I kept by the door.


"Come on Boo, you're going to the dog daycare." She made her way to me from her toys and tilted her head as she looked up at me, dog daycare was something new. I patted her head as I fixed the leash the the red collar she wore.


We headed out to Kitten, and in the short three days I'd had her she proved that she was well behaved enough to sit in the front. I lowered her window by an inch before starting up the car, this time I found myself listening to some more classic songs, Queen, Shakespeare Sisters, Bon Jovi and other great voices filling the car.


The dog daycare was rather close to where the cafe was, so I knew I should stop in to get a coffee to go before heading to Panda's place.I couldn’t work without something to drink, though I wasn’t a caffeine addict like she was, I knew she couldn’t function in the morning without a cup of coffee.


I unclipped Boo, and walked her into the daycare the woman at the front desk smiled at me.

"You must be Liza, and this here is Boo? You spoke with me on the phone about booking in." I nodded, walking Boo closer, petting her head to reassure her she had no need to be scared of the new place.


"I'm Kirsty, let me show you through." I smiled down at Boo before following Kirsty through to the kennels. She showed us the overnight kennels, exercise feeding and play rooms, as well as introduced me to some of the trainers and then let me know that they had an on-call vet for emergencies. I was amazing at how good this place was.


"Everything looks great, I'm sure my Boo is going to love it here while I'm at work." I bent down to pat her head again as Kirsty informed me that the puppy playtime was going to start soon, I let her take Boo into the room so she could settle with a few of the other pups. I hope she didn't think I was leaving her here, that's the last thing I'd do to any of my pets. Kirsty came back out smiling.


"Boo’s settling right in, I'm sure while you're at work she's going to have a great time, how would you like to settle the bill?"


"I'll pay it off at the end of every month, by cheque. I'll pay in cash after this week to compensate for the week wait at the end of the month."


"That sounds great I'll  put it in the books, I guess I'll be seeing you later. Goodbye." I nodded my goodbye and walked over to the cafe, I sighed as I walked up to Dani. She grinned at me as she made her way over to take my order.


"Well you haven't been here in a while, you have an admirer that's missed you every time you usually come in, poor guy." I frowned at her confused, what?


"Huh?" I sat on a stool in front of her, it was true that I regularly come in by myself or with the girls however the past week I haven't as much as I normally do.


"Well this guy saw you last ... Tuesday and he asked who you were, so I gave him the basics, he wants to meet you but when told him you would be here well, you haven't been. I felt like he was going to blame me for fake info." I laughed, I really doubt some guy would want to see me.


"Yeah, I've been busy especially now with Boo. Maybe one day right? Anyhow, has Nigel popped the question? Oh and can I get a caramel latte to go please." She fiddled around making my drink before answering my question.


"No, I just don't think it's the right time, besides I shouldn't know he has the ring, that's your fault. He's been so stressed with work and making sure it's all perfect, you know what he's like."


"Yeah I do, a damn overachiever that is missing out on the greatest achievement of his life, getting a ring on your finger, that's two hundred gamer points right there!" She gave a small laugh.


"Anyway, I've still yet to see a picture of Boo, you've seen all of Jeff!" I let out my own laugh, it was true, Dani and Nigel had a pet snake named Jeff, because the name Jeff is funny and you know "my name is Jeff" was a fabulous meme. I took out my phone to show her some of the photos I'd taken of Boo, all to which she aww'd.


"She's way too cute Liza, and here's your coffee to go. You coming in tonight for karaoke? You know it's tradition we duet because they pick on us." That was accurate, every time there was a karaoke night we were picked on by our friends to sing something.


"Sure, you can go ahead and choose a song, oh and if I'm approached by multiple guys tonight how will I know who my stalker is?" I know making a stalker joke probably wouldn't be funny to many people but Dani knew I definitely meant no harm. She rolled her eyes at me and popped a jelly bean in her mouth her pigtails bouncing either side of her head.


"That's simple I told him the Codeword."


"That is?" I asked wondering what she could have possibly chosen.


"Kitten." She said simply turning around to serve the customer that had gotten ready to order. I turned to walk to Kitten, opening the door to the coffee shop feeling to cool air wash over me. Kitten was  probably the only thing that would definitely mean more to me as a Codeword than most things.


I heaved a sigh as I got into Kitten, sipping my coffee before putting it down to drive, I flicked on my iPod to see what was going to be the next song, nodding my head at Avril Lavigne, what the hell seemed to be so fitting.


Pulling up to Panda's I was singing hot, and found that I now needed to put my work head on. Rubbing my hands together I headed in, seeing that the removers had taken everything that wasn’t needed, and Tilly was at some cat spa place while I'd be working. I checked on the design sketches I’d left with Panda, on the off chance she might not like a few of my ideas or want a slightly different furniture arrangement. I grinned when I saw she hadn’t left any notes, I was free to do what I wished.


I started with the basics, white paint on all of the walls. I was definitely glad I’d planned for this because as careful as I can be, there was always a chance of getting paint on me, and knowing myself, I did have paint on myself, luckily most on my legs.  I started to envision where the furniture was going, and decided I’d paint the wall opposite the window red to match all of the feature furniture. As soon as that was dry, I made my way to start moving in all of the smaller furniture, strategically placing them as I had planned last week.


A few hours and a few coffee’s later I had the living room complete. Clicking my wrists before stretching my arms, I stood by the window to look at my work, before circling the room. It had to be perfect. All that was left was to get the pattern that had been made on the vase onto a large canvas to hang on the feature wall and tie the whole room together. Times like this I was thankful for having been brought up around brothers, they toughened me up and I rarely needed help to move things in my house, well that and being stubborn and wanting to do things by myself.


I let out a breath, satisfied that until I had the few finishing touches I wanted that this would definitely be fine, at least the main room was done so Tilly could be home sooner. I sat on one of the sofa’s taking some time to go through my Tumblr notifications, I should stop joining fandom blog, but old habits die hard. Finally getting through all of my messages and reblogging some posts I was ready to go, though as soon as I’d locked up Panda’s place my phone began to sing  at me and it was Eb’s personal text tone. I looked at her message as I walked to Kitten and smiled, a trip to the local library would be nice. The library was one of our hangouts other than the cafe because well, there were books including comics and manga so we were all pretty entertained, and I didn’t mind getting through the next volume of Vampire Knight before the karaoke night.


I found both girls in our usual spot both with books in their hand, though it looked like Kat was re-reading one of her favourites while I guess it was likely Eb was reading something for one of her classes.


“Hey, you guys still coming the the karaoke later?” I whispered as I sat down, taking of my jacket to settle before getting my manga, the both looked up slightly and nodded.


“You know us, and we love to watch you and Dani, because we always get to make you sing something.” I rolled my eyes, it had become a tradition for them for force me to sing for whatever reason they would give, I was so used to it now, as was Dani.


“Books are a source of knowledge!” I sat down and heard a single voice as we all turned to look at each other, Thadeus was here. We soon looked around the area we could see and there was no sight of him.


“I thought they fired this guy for being so loud?” Kat asked, frowning at me. I shook my head frantically at her, as Eb cocked her head slightly at me neither of them knew.


“He’s never worked here, he just … is here. I swear he live in this place and just hides from all the staff, ask me and I’d tell you he’s a witch. He doesn’t even go here girls.” Kat snorted at my Mean girls reference an Eb gave me a cold look, obviously not appreciating it.


“So anyway, what time shall we head to the cafe? I’ve got a few more things to read over and I should be done, shouldn’t take more than an hour.”


“Sounds good to me Eb, I’m just going to read until you're ready … and I guess you're going to go and get-”


“My manga yes.” I cut Kat of and was moving to where I knew they were, my finger skimmed along all the numbers to find where I was last. I know the point of the library was to borrow books, but the girls and I enjoyed reading them here, though I’m sure Kat has a stash of books she’s yet to return, but if nobody has requested them she’s their second home. The place ha our contact details so if they really wanted them back they’d let us know.


It didn’t take long before I was in my little vampire filled bubble reading the manga, and repeatedly shipping my couple’s and hating on the characters I didn't like. I’d seen the anime too and still had the same opinions, at least the good couple does end up together in this, unlike The Hunger Games because Peeta was a horrible character who should have died in the games, and Gale was too good for Katniss in the end. Though the ending of the series was horrible, I mean she was kinda forced into having Peeta’s children for crying out loud. I was soon pulled out of my thoughts when Eb started calling my name.


“I’m sure whenever you start reading you go further than your little mind place, we’ve been trying to snap you back into reality for a while.” I shrugged at her, if I’m in a good book or manga I focus everything into it, I could get shot and wouldn’t realise until I felt it, so only reading in the library ensured I wouldn’t need to worry about burning food, or forgetting anything like taking Boo for a walk.


“Come on then, lets get out of here before we get stuck talking to Thadeous for hours.” We put our books back just in time as we saw him dart past where we sat, lucky escape. I looked at the girls as we left and knew instantly they they wanted me to drive us to the cafe.


“You know, if you only invited me to come so I could drive you to the cafe, you could be honest, I mean I could have gone home and done some important things.


“What like trying to grow blue roses on Animal Crossing?” I shot Kat a glare, she know I’ve been trying forever to grow them for so long now, but they were not playing fair, at least I’d grown enough purple pansies to decorate the town. I walked toward Kitten, swinging my keys around my hand in a cool way I saw on Tumblr, i clicked my unlock button sliding into my seat as the girls followed. I hit my music on, soon we were all laughing while singing fun songs like Bills.


We were all a bundle of giggles when we walked into the cafe, that had filled more than usually since it was karaoke night, I sat down at the table Dani reserved for us, Kat and Eb opposite me since they knew I’d be getting up later to sing. Thinking of the devil, Dani came over to the table.


“Can I grab you guys drinks? Oh and Liza, I picked the perfect song to sing.” I smiled back at her and waved my hand beside me, trusting her choice, before we all ordered our drinks.We sat chatting idly for a while, before I cocked my head looking at the entrance to the cafe.


“Hey Eb, are those the Aussie guys we saw yesterday?” She turned around, then looked back at me nodding. I gave her curious look, as Kat looked at us both deeply confused.


“Looks like them to me." I shrugged, but wondered why they were in the cafe, unless karaoke day brought in tourists now as well. Kat continued to stare at me, her face clearly wanting an explanation.


“Oh, we saw them when we took Tom for a walk, don’t worry nothing much happened other than, um … Calum I think gushing over Tom.” She snorted, she’s never been much of a dog fan but she did enjoy people's reactions to seeing Tom. I laughed at her, before taking a sip of my hot chocolate.


“G’day, fancy seeing you here.” We all looked to see the boys had come over to our table, I glanced over to see Kat had raised her brow at me, making me shrug, like I knew what she meant.


“Hey, what brings you to our local hangout then?” I asked, then gesturing to the empty seats next to the girls inviting them to sit with us, as the place was slowly getting more customers. They sat down, leaving the last seat next to me open, for which I was thankful, so I could easily get up when Dani summoned me.


“Michael said he’s come here a few times and told us about the karaoke night so we thought we’d swing by, though he’s running late, probably finishing a pokemon battle or something.” Luke said while shrugging, I shook my head.


“If he really plays pokemon a battle should not take that long, honestly if he was supposed to be here now his game is weak.” Kat almost choked on her tea at my comment, obviously not amused that I’d insulted somebody I never met, and about pokemon none the less. The boys just sniggered, but glanced at Kat to make sure she wasn’t dying. Dani then chose to bounce over, her lollipop in hand, she smiled at the boys before turning to me.


“Ok, lets go. Would you like some drinks I can get one of the other girls to grab you some.” I excused myself as she took their orders, before making my way to the small stage area where the microphones and such had been set up. She placed the orders for the guys and popped up onto the stage, I moved back a little as she made her introductions.


“Hey everybody, welcome to our karaoke night, I hope you all enjoy yourselves. To start off with our little tradition, Liza and I shall be singing, so I hope you all enjoy.


I then moved to stand next to Dani as the music began, and looked at her grinning. The opening to I just haven’t met you yet playing through the cafe, I glanced at her to see who was going to take the lead and she rolled her eyes, of course it was going to be me, I was the one that was single after all.


Once finished we took small bows at the applause we’d gotten, before stepping down for others to have their fun, I stopped at the counter top with her, stealing a few of the jelly beans she loved.


“So, has he asked yet?” She sighed and shook her head, fiddling around with some of the coffee order’s she’d gotten.


“Nope, but you know I think when he does ask I’ll be surprised he actually got around to doing it.” I nodded, letting out a half laugh.


“Yeah, but at least you know thats something that is going to happen for you, no matter how long it takes, you’ll get that ring on your fingers, and probably a geeky one with Harley styled diamonds engraved on it, I honestly see you getting married in cosplay.” She laughed at me, but she knew it was probably true, that most likely be the dress code, their wedding is going to be a con. I reached over to give a small hug and a wink before making my way back to the table, glad to see that everybody was talking. I sat in my seat to glance on the jacket on the chair next to mine, and pointed at it.


“Oh, sorry it’s Michael’s but I forgot to give it back, so i thought it’d be a good way to give it back and tell him he can sit here. Oh, nice singing too.” I nodded, seemed like a good plan, and shrugged at my singing, I mean I know I can sing but like my voice isn’t the most attractive, but I thanked them anyway.


“Hey guys, sorry I’m late, I went to the bathroom after the girl finished singing.” I flipped my head around to see him, the guy from last week that I bumped into, I had no chance to react before I felt something moist on my nose, I turned to the girls, holding my hands over my face before rushing into the bathrooms. I grabbed as much tissue as I could to soak up the blood as Kat and Eb came in after me.


“Hey you Ok - whoa, what happened?” I rolled my eyes at them, holding the tissue closer in an attempt to stop the blood dripping down my face.


“I don’t fucking know, this shits only supposed to happen in anime you know Shit this is why I shouldn’t leave the house. Stupid attractive men.” Eb gave me a look, before leaving the bathroom and returning shortly after, looking at me dumbly.


“He looks like a freaking hobo Liza, honestly I don’t understand you.” I shot her a glare, rich coming from the woman who found the fact that glasses made faces look more symmetrical appealing. I pulled the tissue away, letting out a relieved sigh that the nosebleed had stopped, and proceeded to wash away the blood.


“Yeah well, I don’t care anyway. Damn that was so embarrassing like, a nosebleed? I’m blaming a change in air pressure, thats my story and I’m sticking to it.” Kat just patted my back, probably out of pity while Eb just snorted at me. We proceeded to re seat ourselves at the table.


“Eb told us you got a nosebleed, Michael though he’d scared you off.” I shook my head and shrugged.


“Stupid changes in air pressure, I usually sneeze because of it, I guess today had to be different, um … where is he anyway?” I looked around a little before looking back at them.


“He’s just getting himself a drink, and talking to that waitress that took our order earlier.” Ashton told me, and I gave a small nod, sitting back in my chair taking a few breaths out of my mouth trying not to start another waterfall of blood. I finished my drink that had cooled enough for me to down the rest in one, and offered to get a round of refills, ending up going up myself since everybody else was fine.


“Dani, can I get a refill?” I asked her, noticing she wasn't talking to anybody, she turned to take my cup, working her magic on my hot chocolate.


“Your stalker’s here, i’m surprised you haven’t seen him yet.” I shook my head, nobody had said anything to me other than the Aussie boys and the usual squad members. She shrugged handing me my drink as I gave her the money. I turned to walk back to the table bumping into somebody though I managed not to spill any of my drink, I looked up to see him again.


“Oh hey it’s you, kitten!” I blinked at him, and at first I thought about slapping him for calling me kitten before I remembered that's what Dani had said my stalker was going to tell me. I opened and closed my mouth like a fish, having no idea what to say.


“Oh, wait you’re the girl that ran into the bathroom when I came in right?” I nodded, having no clue what to say. He started to toy with his wrists bands obviously feeling just as awkward, I cleared my throat and nodded toward where our friends were now staring at us from across the room. I held my cup close to my chest and sat down taking a small sip and putting it on the table and Michael sat next to me.


“What?” I questioned them all before folding my arms, daring them to say anything instead making them all mutter nothing as a new wave of conversations began. Though it still couldn’t stop the constant glances I threw at Michael tying to work him out, and wondering how the hell I’d bumped into him to only meet his friends or bandmates as I had just learnt only a while later. It was too coincidental, and I didn’t like it.

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