Another One of Those Poetry Things


3. Tangled in Strings

Tangled in Strings



You are hopelessly stuck

Tangled in the strings

 Of the problems you can’t face

And the sadness you can’t bear


You try to get free

But the strings ensnare you

And you can’t find your way through this maze of twine

Because you never were good at undoing knots


You are like a broken clock

That has finally run out of time;

And run out of the energy to fix itself

You've forgotten what it's like to be free of this.



You get frustrated

Because no matter

How hard you

Try you can’t

Untangle the

Strings by

Hand and you

Realise that

What you

Thought was

Pessimism is

Actually realism

And you

Just want

To grab the

Scissors and



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