Cyber Life Popmundo


1. Cyber Life Popmundo

Popmundo players from every country in the world which in 2004 was presented to Internet users.Founded by 2 Swedish friends Popmundo,played on an online browser role playing game.When presented to the user name was Popomundo’y.Then name the Spanish popular world has changed as Popmundo meaning.In 2012 new game interface V2 and whether modernized with new features were presented to the admiration of players.Popmundo for fame in a virtual music industry players is an online role playing game that they compete with each other.The game is played in real time and continues even when you are away from your computer.The game,which is nothing else than you started out as a dream in the hands of ordinary people.Practise find a few songs give several concerts a little struggles and start creating your fans.If you play your cards right;soon the world will begin tours,signed to the legendary album will give spectacular concerts.

You will see that every step you take in the event! Of course, not everyone is cut out to be a fabulous musician. Perhaps business, politics, one or more medical or criminal career is more suitable for you? I draw your attention? Then build a happy family, how nice to spend time with your family think?Popmundo country that have the most members is Turkey. Turkey Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya city represents.The reed of the page in the city, one of the Turkish cities of Ankara, the Turkish flag views include a photo. In real life you can not do everything you can do with this game. Only in the game, published a weekly “It’s pop” is oyundak articles created by users in magazines, cartoons and interviews are published. It’s pop magazine is published in 29 languages ​​and the number of articles on the history of 100,000 cases. “It’s Pop” has a weekly magazine published on Thursdays, for example, by controlling access to this day around the game, read the articles in the magazine wrote that users can spend a nice time looking at the cartoons they do.

Learn their thoughts about you from other players, such as to track weekly developments within the city you are ideal for losing sight of the work to be considered important for the game.Players of the game, concentrating on active musical part, successful and famous music group and either ugrasabilecekk to be a solo musician,music is not successful in If they can engage in different occupations;CEO,Lawyer,Doctor,Cooks,Bartenders, etc. can be. Every city Moreover, the Governor, the presiding judge, the police chief, etc. There authorities. If ruhluy leader, I understand better than policy and orientation in the professional you say I trust myself. In addition; Of course, you can continue your career in music while these occupations.The issue is entirely up to you how much time we spend in the game. The game will not take the time do not worry too much, your character not dealt with him every minute he can not sit networks. Several times a week to check what is happening in the game is short intervals will feed you to develop your career. On the other hand, more often concerned with the play of another player’s instant to be informed of developments once a week by another player involved in the game would be a step ahead of the other is an inevitable fact. This is something that is preferred to have stayed right with your real-life lifestyle.

Game Devs: Bernard Mackenzie, Jonas Farnsworth, Billy Bob Samuels

We: Nicolas Flamel(696250) and Abel Power(285312)

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