His Eyes Speak

If you love pokemon and you are a Red/Green fangirl read this :D


1. Even Oak Ships It

~Green's POV~
I stomped into the lab,angered that I even had to be there. What did that old geezer make me get out of bed for anyway? My grandfather,THE Pokemon Professor Oak, was talking to somebody on the couch. And beaming. One glance towards the couch and I could see why. My old childhood rival Red was looking up at my grandpa,nodding every once in a while to show understanding. I still stood gawking at the man before he noticed and winked at me. Winked. With those scary-yet-incredibly-sexy red eyes. Gramps noticed our actions and laughed. "Ah...you two. Glad you could see each other again. Red,did you know Green has missed you since you went up to the mountains to train." Both sets of eyes fell on me as i flushed a deep crimson. Red laughed and said softly,"That's alright Green. I missed you too." Gramps beamed again at the both of us. He then started saying . "Its really great how you both have been friends since the day you were born and that bond still lasts. It's true friendship. Or could it be somethi..." I couldn't hear the last part because he mumbled. "Well anyway "some serious time to catch up needs to happen. Here's 200,000 P. Do something with it." And with that he shoved us out the door. We stood outside for a while (I was thinking). "Green" he murmured in my ear. "Wha?!? What did you do that for?"I practically screeched as I jumped back. He smirked and turned to face the other direction and snickered. I growled and tried to tackle him,but he countered and ended up being on top of me. Being taller had no advantage because he was so muscular.His eyes bore into mine and I felt a strange sensation as i gazed into them. There was a feeling of tension between us. He leaned down and cupped my face,still locked in eye contact with me.I stretched up...and kissed him.Then he kissed me back. I lost myself in his eyes,his mouth,his very essence. It drove me mad. And then I realized that I loved my best friend.

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