Oh Brother


1. Oh Brother

Chorus: Oh brother, oh brother don't cry.

But your colours not theirs,

So you deserve to die.

I know you're not the guilty one.

Staring down a loaded gun.

Maybe in heaven you'll belong,

Oh brother, stay strong.


Well does anyone care

You died with hands in the air

I know life ain't fair

But that doesn't mean we shouldn't care.

If a life is worth a penny no more

If it's OK for someone's baby to die on the floor

If it's right for a mother to mourn

Just cause her son was born.



Little boy have your fun

But only play one on one

Don't play with a plastic weapon

Little boy please don't run.

It seems a little obscene

A man before he was a teen

Oh what a fool we've all been

Repeating this messed up scene.



Say it 10 times, then say it one more

Just another body left on the floor

This scene has played out before

No excuses no more.

We're fools but we're not blind

And I think you'll find

Though the world has been unkind

Heaven leaves no man behind.



Well I am ashamed, 

I share their putrid race.

But I'd never change.

Cause I couldn't stand being that afraid.




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