I am... *Battle of the Fandoms entry*

*Battle of the Fandoms Divergent entry*

If you lived in a where everyone hates you, would you want someone replicating you? What if there was another motive behind Jeanine's hatred for Tris?


1. Jeanine

I am Abnegation.

I am Erudite.

I am Dauntless.

I am not Candor.

I am not Amity.


I am Jeanine Mathews.

When I was sixteen I was told of my choices for a faction. We are meant to have one definitive answer. I had three.

Growing up I always wanted to run, and I was clever, and I was selfless. So imagine me on choosing day, I was told that I had three answers to the test, and I could only chose one. I was sitting with an old family friend Andrew Prior. 

“Jeanine Mathews.” was called out in a monotonous voice by this year’s administrator.

And I walked up to that stage with no answer set in stone in my mind.

I saw the bowls. And I saw the knife, and I knew almost immediately what I had to do.  I look the blade and pulled it over my hand, almost causing more pain than necessary doing so.

“Erudite!” the administrator called out whilst a huge uproar came from Erudite.


And then I woke up.

The sky was a gorgeous picturesque blue and, by looking towards my door I immediately knew what day it was. The day I capture the girl that reminds me so much of myself, she got my result, my life. The life I always wanted, and I was landed with this.

This sad, good for nothing life that isn’t leading me any more places than it was yesterday.

“Beatrice Prior, what will we do with you?” I asked myself aloud, this question had been going through my head since the despicable character chose Dauntless.

It really did seem as though Abnegation bread the most Divergent people.

“It’s ready Miss.” a rather timid Erudite member knocked on my door before scurrying off to god knows where. I got up and bid farewell to the building I loved dearly, it had been my stability, my home and my sense since the whole war started.


Whilst the trailer was getting un-loaded in the Dauntless compound, I contemplated whether risking the biggest secret of  all to be breached just because of one stupid little girl?

Yes it was, this was all in the name of justice. And in the name of the law of our people.


The Dauntless initiates had passed, and now we had our fighting force, the people that would do the killing and then leave us with the aftermath, giving us the opportunity to then undermine them if necessary, it really was a perfect plan.


“And go, and go, and go.” my people were injecting the serum into the dauntless, they didn’t know what they were going to do in less than twenty minutes. I felt a twang of sadness as I realised what going to happen to Andrew, the boy I had been with for sixteen years before we unknowingly decided to be enemies.


I walked coolly into Abnegation, everyone everywhere was either dead or dying. The streets were littered with dead bodies, ranging from kids to adults, elders to council leaders. The gravel streets were echoing the sounds of my boots and the calls for surrender from the Erudite and the Dauntless alike.

I quickly skirted behind a wall as I saw a dauntless solider shooting at the vile girl and her mother, the girl who caused me more self-hate than even my parents could have inflicted.

“MOM, MOM, MOM!” I heard her slowly getting louder and louder as her voice echoed. I made sure not to move a muscle. It took a while, but she finally moved on, leaving her mother’s dead body and a puddle of blood and tears behind her.

A single gunshot rang out, and then the sound of a door slamming could be heard in the distance.


She was here, she was ahead of me, and her friend was about to put a bullet through my brain.

Her friend did put a bullet through my brains.

 I coughed, spluttered and muttered;

“I am Divergent…” 

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