Who He Was

A poem about a boy and a girl who loved but had to be apart but they would always be in each others hearts


1. The Boy Who Was

the gleam of his eyes

the warmth of his smile

he was my everything 

I Truly Loved Him


I let him leave

he didn't know my true feelings

my heart went when he disappeared

I can never regain what has been lost

He will forever be a part of me


nothing will change

I can never forget

the moments we shared

the warmth of your embrace


when we were close time stood still

we were in a world of our own

nothing could tear us apart


But you suddenly had to leave

when that day came

my world shattered into nothing

you were gone

I Would Never See You Again


all was lost

there was no hope

I keep the treasure you gave me 

it never leaves my side

I shall wait for your return


love will never be the same

you were my first love

you were my first kiss

I can Never forget the love I had for you


Please come back to my side

I want you to know that


I Love You


come back so that I may tell you

come back so that I may embrace you once again

comeback so that I never have to be without you 

comeback so that we can be together in our own world


don't forget me

don't lose your love for me

don't lock me out of your heart

keep me forever and always


I will change

so will you

change can never separate us

I am Juliet

You, you are Romeo

the love may be cheesy,

but that love is ours to keep


we may be judged

we may be apart,

but our hearts will always be one

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