Selene: The Young Helio Vampire (Draft)

A young vampire girl of around 113 years old that has to make choices to either save the entire world from being taken over by her kind and other monsters, or for the humans to completely take control of the world. However she is trying to make it so that the monsters and the humans are happy, but how is that going to be possible? And if so what are the sacrifices that are needed to be taken to make sure that this happens


1. Running Away

I watched as my parents stared at my new born vampire sister probably with more happiness than when I was born. Out of ten Vampire children she is the second girl, and that means I am the first.

Okay so you may be thinking of blood suckers that have large fangs and can't go into the light without dying. Well truth be told we do have fangs, but there are different breeds of vampires, and I just happen to be apart of the Vampire breed that can go into the light without turning to dust or something like that. And we actually don't drink blood if we don't want to, and instead of blood for a diet we eat either mortal food or get energy from the sun.

Walking . . . actually no I turned into a bat and I flew to my room. Inside my room I laid down on my bed and looked at the ceiling, and thought of how useless I am to everyone that I have ever met.

“Selene!” I could hear my paternal Grandmother yell.

“Are you always going to be in your room,” she asked as she teleported into my room.

“I'm not planning on it, I just have a problem with Mom and Dad paying attention only to Victoria,” I replied while transforming out my bat form.

“You are one hundred and thirteen years old now, and yet you still act like you are a baby,” she said harshly.

“You don't know what it feels like to be ignored,” I said with my head down.

“I won't have a whiny, immature, small-minded, vain, and thoughtless descendant!” Grandma yelled.

Both Mom and Dad came into the room, and I teleported out of my room and the castle I live in.

When I got to the ground I ran passed the gates that kept out mortal or other mythical monsters like Vampires for example.

For three to four hours later of running I got to a nearby modern city that has new buildings being put in, but relatively it is a small city.

Fifteen minutes later I ran into two mortals after weaving in and out of people's ways to avoid collisions

“Why are you in such rush,” a tall girl with black hair and blue eyes.

“I don't know I just know I just wanted to be anywhere,” I replied as my almost translucent pale skin filled with a rosy color.

“You don't have to be embarrassed about that. And by the way I am Zoe Willis, and my brother James Willis,” Zoe said excitedly.

“Nice to meet you, Zoe, I am Selene Wilson,” I said while trying not to show that I am lying about having a last name.

“You sound like you have an accent, are you from a different country, or something,” Zoe asked as she was trying to figure out what culture I am.

“She sounds Russian, Zoe, are you Russian,” James asked speaking for the first time.

“I think I am, but I don't know because my parents won't tell me,” I replied, and this time there is some truth to that.

“Do you want to go shopping with us, I can pay for some stuff if you don't have money,” Zoe stated.

“Yeah I don't have any money,” I said while my face grew a darker shade of red.

“Don't be ashamed most people don't have money, but the only two places we are going to is a clothing store and Video game store,” Zoe said as she got out a coupon book.

“Well we probably shouldn't waste any time talking and get going,” I said while looking over my shoulder making sure none of my family members are here.

And surely they are not anywhere near here because they wouldn't even ne involved with humans.

“Sure, and why are you looking over your shoulder? Are you scared of something, Selene?” Zoe asked as I pulled both their wrists, and pulled them to get to the clothes shop.



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