The broken club

This story is about a group well 5sos and a girl who make a club and help each other will they be there to save someone or not? TRIGGER WARNING


7. who are you

Liz's p.o.v

This whole month of lying here all I could think of was this boy with curly hair who waits bandanas but I can't remember his name then I woke up.

There are 4 boy sitting in front of me who are you I asked as I looked around and it way that boy I've been thinking about so I pointed to him what is your name.

Aaashton he said crying

Why are you sad I asked

Cause you won't love me again he replied

How did I get here I asked

You jumped of a bridge a cool haired boy said

And you are I asked

Michael he replied

In Calum an Asian said and I'm not Asian by the way

Oh haha and you I said

Luke a boy with a lip ring said

Hello mrs people I'm doctor wells

Hi I said

Well sorry but you have memory lost so day by day you will slowly get your memory back dr wells said

Can I g

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