The broken club

This story is about a group well 5sos and a girl who make a club and help each other will they be there to save someone or not? TRIGGER WARNING


4. starting up

Luke's p.o.v (lunch the next day)

So umm Michael can I talk to you somewhere private after lunch I ask really nervously

Yea he said blushing I never notice that guys blush hm

Then liz gave me a wink and Calum came to sit with us

Hey cal pow what's up I said

Nothing much so I was wondering if y'all want to come over to my house and hangout there since we are all friends now ya bad idea sorry

No it not I wanna come liz said and we all agreed

I guess you should get back to your teammates and fake friends liz said

Yea umm bye then he left (bell rang )

So I wanted to tell you something can we hangout after Calum's I ask Michael

Sure anything for you he said then left.

Last class of the day

Luke can you please tell me what is the cycle of reproduction the teacher asked

A guy puts his dick into a girl she get prego they have baby then baby has a baby not fucking hard I replied

Ok I have had enough of you today tomorrow you have iss (in school suspension) the teacher yelled

Yay I don't have to see you tomorrow I said

Then the bell rang club meeting time I thought

Ashton's p.o.v

Hey guys. Welcome back to the meeting so I want to start to help certain problems each day so Calum lets start with yours.

No no no let start with you and liz Luke said and the others agreed but liz

Yea first hand us the blades you have on you Michael said so I dropped my only baldy I have on me but liz had like 5 I can tell she is most likely worst than me.

now strip to your underwear and bra Calum said

No we both said we need to see where you do it and how bad luke said

Now strip Michael said so we did

Mines only on my arms and they aren't deep but liz is every where her whole body except for her stomach where she burns herself but hers are deep really deep.

Oh my god liz everyone said

Give us your lighter I said

No I need it to smoke she replied

You don't need to smoke and neither does luke but give it up Calum said

Whatever she replied and gave up her lighter then put her clothes on and left so I put my clothes on and ran after her.

I think I might be in love with her.........

Michael's p.o.v

Luke said he wanted to talk to me after we go to Calum's but we aren't gonna go to Calum's today anymore so we gonna walk to the park together.

Should I tell luke I like him or is he even gay

Hey man luke said

Hi let's get going I said

So there is something important I need to tell you I said

Same he said

You can go first I said

Nope it's fine you can he smiled

How about we say what we wanna say at the same ti but I was cut off by luke kissing me I was shocked so I didn't kiss back at first but then I did and it was magical his lip ring on my lips.

Wow we said when we pulled away

So what were you gonna say luke asked

I have a crush on you I said blushing

Your so cute when you blush will you be my boyfriend and go on a date with me luke asked

Yessss! I said and kissed luke again

Hold on luke said I'm getting a call



Oh my god

A bridge

Is she gonna be ok

We are coming


What's happening I asked

Liz she jumped of a bridge but ashton saved her but she is in a coma......

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