The broken club

This story is about a group well 5sos and a girl who make a club and help each other will they be there to save someone or not? TRIGGER WARNING


5. promise me

Hospital. Ashton's p.o.v

Hey how is she Calum asked as he ran up late

Calum and Michael came a few minutes ago and same as before still asleep.

Sorry man we know that you liked her Michael said

Me like her NO I FUCKING LOVED HER she was beautiful funny and all I ever wanted in a girl I know it's only been two days but I love her I said then I punch a mirror and it shattered everywhere So I fell to the ground and started crying

I can't keep a promise I said and ran into the bathroom To cut

(Flashback )

Liz please get down from the bridge please I love you. I said

You love mee I lovve y you to she replied then ran to me to give me a kiss.

She kissed me and it was perfect I am in love with her

Just promise you won't cut because of me she said then jumped

No liz no no no no no no I screamed

(End of flashback )

Ashton please open the door luke yelled while Calum and Michael pounded on the door

So I did

Oh my god Calum said we have to clean you up! So they too my arm and clean it then put band aids on it.

Let's go back to liz's room.

4 hours later (#sponge bob lol can't help it )

Michael and Luke already left come on ashton go home you can stay at mine if you wants Calum asked for the hundredth time

Fine I mumbled

(After car ride to Calum's )

Come on we can play video games Calum said

I sleep Calum I whispered

Sorry I forgot

You can stay in my room I sleep will On the floor

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