The broken club

This story is about a group well 5sos and a girl who make a club and help each other will they be there to save someone or not? TRIGGER WARNING


3. meeting day

Ashton's p.o.v. (Club meeting)

So I guess this is all that's coming so let's get started I said

Well first I want us to go around and say what we think of the other people here so Michael you start.

Ok well umm I think of Calum as a jock Luke as a bad ass liz as a shy but beautiful girl and you as a freak Michael said

What do you think about yourself liz ask him

Outcast like I'm in the land of misfit toys Michael said

How about we go around And say our problem Calum said

Great idea you start I said

Well I have an eating disorder Calum stated

What about you Luke

I can't sleep how about you Luke said

I self harm I whispered but they all heard me

Oh well we try to get you better Luke said

Michael your turn Calum said

I don't sleep I'm like Luke he said

Liz it your turn I said

Well I self harm don't sleep and my dad hits me she said not making eye contact with anyone.

Oh my god Luke said

Yea I want us to try to help everyone around us okay this meeting is over now since it's 4:00 I said

Okay bye everyone said

Liz's p.o.v

Liz wait I heard someone call so I turn around to see Luke

Hey so umm do you like wanna hangout so you don't have to go home to your dad he said

Yeah thank you I said

Fuck your hot I said

I am he smirked

Wait umm shit did i say that out loud I said

Sorta did he replied

Let's go to the park do you smoke he said

Yes I do I replied

Did you really get Kicked out of you old school by having drugs Luke asked

Mmh I said

Wow didn't see that in you he said

Yep I know this is the 4th school I got kicked out of I said

Damn he said

I know haha I said

So I need someone to talk to he said

Yea don't worry I won't judge I said

Ithinkilikemichael Luke said

What I said

I think I like Michael he said

So you think your gay?

Yea he said

Don't worry it's ok I have these friends dan and phil who are gay I met them in one of the schools and they were the coolest people ever they helped me start a YouTube channel I said

Really YouTube and you. You tuber he said confused

Yea I know I haven't shown my face I a video though I don't want people to know its me I have 1m scribers 3.9k twitter and insta followers I said

Wait are you the life of punk rock teenager he asked

Yea don't tell anyone your the first to know even dan and phil don't know I said

Wow cool he said

Hold on I'm getting a call I said

M-me D-dad


D-get your ass home right now


D-you know your punishment you slut

M- dad are you drunk

D-I had a few drinks here and there so get your fucking ass home

M-what if I don't

D-mommy will get it

M- I'm on my way home

D-better be slut

Sorry I have to get home I said to Luke

Gonna be okay he asked

Hope so good luck maybe you should tell Michael though I have a feeling he likes you to I said

Ok I will he replied

Bye and then I ran home

I'm home I yelled as I entered my house

Finally slut I bet you were out fucking guys weren't you me dad said

No your a fucktard to think that I spat

Don't fucking disrespect me he yell then slapped me

Don't fucking be an idiot then punched me in they eye

Don't do this hit don't do that hit don't don't don't don't hit hit hit hit

Go to your room he said

Then I darted in to my bathroom to see a bruised cheek,black eye and a really bad big bruise on my stomach shit I said can't hid this

Then I went to my room to get my blades I need to cut I have to cut

Ashton's p.o.v

Cut nobody will like me

Cut nobody cares

Cut your ugly

Cut waste of time

Cut waste of space

Cut stupid cut stupid cut stupid then I just sat in my floor crying till I feel asleep at 9:30

Calum's p.o.v

Come on honey please eat my mom said

No I don't feel good I lied

That's what you said yeasterday she said

Maybe I'm sick I should go to my room and rest I said

Your to fat you will always be fat and ugly die fatty maybe workout since your fat my though took control till I finally fell asleep at 10:00

Luke's p.o.v (sorry but his mums name is Amy in this )

3:25 a.m

I'm so fucking tired. I guess I will have to take sleeping pills again uggghhhh so I walked down stairs but fell

Stupid feet I whispered to myself

Luke honey are you up Amy said

Yea I could sleep so I can to get some meds I said

Oh well next time be more quieter please sweetie she asked

Sorry for my big feet I said

Ok goodnight hon she said then I went upstairs and finally went to sleep 3:38 a m

Michaels p.o.v

4:00 am school stars at 7:00 and I have to get up at 6:30 so 2:30 is all that's let to sleep god please let me sleep please let me sleep ugh I guess sleeping pills good think there by my bed so I don't have to move

Asleep at -4:15 a.m

Liz's p.o.v

6:00 I still haven't gone to sleep since I cut I only get about 1-2 hours but I never have not slept I have to get up in 30 minutes to get ready so I guess I will get up now

So after I took my shower I was outing on make up to cover the bruises on my face but then I found out I'm to poor to buy makeup so I can't have make up so I have to fucking show up at school with fucking bruises on my face now the whole club is gonna see ugh I hate my life

I guess I will wear black skinny jeans a nirvana top and a yellow flannel

If your wonder last night I put cuts everywhere I'm shocked I didn't bleed to death there coving both whole arms thighs ankles but not my stomach that's were I burn myself.....


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