The broken club

This story is about a group well 5sos and a girl who make a club and help each other will they be there to save someone or not? TRIGGER WARNING


1. do you wanna make a club

Hey ashton Michael said he is my one and only friend

What I asked

So I have this idea maybe we should make a clip to help kids like us he said

Sure I guess what should we call it I said

The broken club maybe he said

Okay we can make fly and put them up at school tomorrow and have our first meeting sound good I said

Perfect maybe we can make some friends he said

I hope so I said Michael has an sleeping disorder and I self harm so people really think of us as freaks in the school but maybe we can find other freaks to help us

*tomorrow* liz's p.o.v

It's my first day at school and I'm really scared I don't want to get bullied like I did at the other school it makes things hoarded on me

Hello I need my schedule I new I said to the office lady

Ok sweet here it is mrs Elizabeth peoples she said I will call someone to show you around. You ashton over he will you be kind to show this girl around

Sure he said

Thanks I said

Right this way I'm ashton

H. I I I'm liz

So why are you here he asked

I got expelled I replied

Why he said

Drugs I said

Oh well umm he said

Shit sorry they weren't mine other kids put them in my locker as a joke I said

Oh I thought you were some crazy drug accident he laugh

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