Anna Black and the Snakes

Anna is starting her second year at Hogwarts. She is excited except when these words are plastered to the walls.
Will anyone be safe? What's happening?


6. The Game

  "I hope they get here soon." I muttered leaning against the sink. Moaning Myrtle's bathroom was a great hiding spot but it would be better if it was quieter. Moaning Myrtle has been crying ever since I walked in. "Can you please keep it down? I'm trying to study!" I lied and quickly got out my potions book. Her head popped out of the stall and glared at me. 

  "Sorry my life is bothering you."

  "No your voice is and you're dead anyways! You're not living!" I said shrilly. She seemed shocked and began wailing. "Shut up or I'll make you!" I said pulling my wand out and pointing it at her.

  "You can't hurt me though..." She said through sniffs pointing at my wand. I glanced down at it and looked at her.

  "Wands are not my only weapon." I answered coldly.

  "You're just like her! That stupid Black with her idiocy to try anyone just to prove to herself..."

  "I said shut up! No one cares about you hence no one cried at your funeral!" I cut her off. It was lower than I wanted to go but I didn't want to hear about this could be anyone I reasoned. Myrtle let out a wail and with a splash she went into the toilet, or so I guessed. However my curiosity burned. Who was she referencing? Suddenly Hermione, Ron, and Harry walked in.

  "Got it!" Hermione said cheerfully. I smiled with quick exhale. Thankfully, I didn't have to try to steal the book from papa. She carefully laid the dusty book down and we huddled over it. It was the exact copy papa had but this had pictures. I can't even begin to describe them. I was most likely going to have nightmares about this. Hermione found the section labeled The Polyjuice Potion. The potion was complicated but with Hermione we would be successful at it. 

  "This is the most complicated potion I've ever seen." Hermione muttered

  "You obviously haven't seen many." I answered tracing a finger over some of the ingredients she was listing off. Ron made a snarky comment about something like toenails as I figured out the dates of when stuff needed to be added. 

  "Do you realize how much of this we have to steal?" Harry bitterly argued, "Some of that won't be in the students cupboard! What are we supposed to do, steal from Snape's personal storage? I don't think this is a good idea..." Hermione slammed the book shut making everyone jump back.

  "If you're going to chicken out, great because I don't want to get into trouble. I think that threatening Muggle-borns is by far worse than brewing a stupid potion! If you don't want to find out if it's Malfoy I'll walk straight back to the library and hand-"

  "I never thought you'll be encouraging us to break the rules, Hermione. We'll do it but no toenails." I stood up quickly.

  "If you two can read it says hair not toenails and I can easily get a map of the cupboard so we're in and out in a flash. You two can't get in trouble any more than you already have. " Ron looked dumbfounded and Harry went pale.

  "How long will it take?" Harry asked as Hermione happily opened the book again.

  "If we can get the ingredients, fluxweed has to picked during a full moon and lacewings have to be stirred for twenty-one days... I'll say about month."

  "Exactly a month if we hurry and get the ingredients." I declared running the numbers in my head.

  "A month?" Both boys said with jaws that hung open. 

  "Malfoy could have attacked half the school by then?" Hermione glared at him as I shrugged my shoulders. "It's the best plan we've got so full steam ahead, I say." Hermione checked to see if the coast was clear and we piled out of the bathroom and down the hall. Back in our dormitory, Hermione looked uneasily at me. 

 "Is this going to work?" She muttered. I nodded. 

  "I'll get that map to you tomorrow after the game. During the game I'll break in. Since it's Slytherin verses Gryffindor I'll easily get in since Snape will be at the game." She nodded placing the ancient book under her bed. 


  At eleven everyone began making their way to the field. If I get this done quickly I'll be able to see the game, I thought silently doubling back as if I had forgotten something. I passed papa on my way back up to the school. On by a glance I could he looked at me suspiciously. I really didn't care. Running through the completely empty halls, everyone was at the Quidditch pitch. As I skidded into the potions class I looked behind me. No idea why but I felt like someone was watching me. Taking out a quill and parchment I hurried towards papa's private cupboard. Unfolding the parchment I began taking note of what the bottles were we needed. I thought I heard a snap and quickly turned around to find nothing. My heart sped up. I wasn't looking forward to meeting papa like this. Mostly because I didn't have an excuse. Usually when I'm making mischief I'm not this nervous but I could hardly write. Finally I slammed the cupboard shut and hurried out not breaking stride until I was outside. I was instantly soaked to the bone by the tremendous downpour from the rain. The paper, in my bag however, was perfect after papa put an waterproof spell on it. 

 "Ha, how ironic" I muttered hurrying towards the pitch. Getting there I saw a group surrounding someone while Fred and George wrestled a Bludger. Running up to them I said with a smile, "You're getting nowhere!"

  "Look it's the other Bludger we can't wrangle!" Fred yelled. Laughing George's grip loosened.

  "At least I don't look like one!" I yelled back making George completely lose hiss grip in laughter. Fred's slipped on the wet Bludger and it zoomed in the air. Suddenly the Bludger exploded. I turned to see Professor McGonagall holding her wand up. Suddenly the crowd parted looking sick and Harry stood up. One of his arms looked fake and rubbery. Harry fell forward and the Gryffindor team caught him. Professor McGonagall looked horrified and her pierced lips couldn't get any thinner. 


  The party was brilliant despite having Harry trying to regrow his bones. Ron was giving me a play by play as Hermione was looking at the reason I missed the action packed sport. As Ron finished and Hermione put the paper away the twins came over handing us more pumpkin juice. 

  "Now the part isn't anything with out are brilliant..." Fred began looping an arm around my shoulder.

  "And by brilliant I mean spectacular..." George cut him off looping his arm around my shoulder also.

  "Seeker, Mr. Harry Potter." They finished together.

  "God bless his soul." Fred said standing up and putting a hand on his heart.

  "Rest in peace." George nodded still hanging on my shoulder. 

  "He's not dead idiots. He just needs a hand to get back on his feet." I said pushing George off. 

  "And as far as hands go..." Fred said sitting at my feet

  "We all know the saying." George sat on the arm of the chair holding his bottle in the air.

  "...Four are better than one" They said and laughed. 

  "I say that two of the same is two to many." I muttered. 

  "But one is not enough and true the two can't seem to do anything but in the end two heads are better than one." Fred retorted and pushed a bottle towards me.

  "Not if it's two idiots." Hermione chimed in. Ron laughed. The twins followed in suit. I chuckled but got up. 

  "I'll be back, I've got a letter to send." I lied heading out. As I walked down the hallway I knew I was being followed, very loudly too. "If your gonna follow someone you should try to be a bit quieter." I turned to see a small figure fly into the shadows. Chuckling I turned back around. "I'm Anna by the way, oh mysterious one." I said and snuffled laughter came from behind me. "Let's play a game. I ask a question and you answer. Three questions per person. Wanna play? However I would need to see a face first." Stopping the footsteps came closer to me. A small boy stepped in front of me. A camera hung around his neck and some grapes in his hand. He was already as pale as a sheet and mousy hair looked more than a mess than Harry's mop. 

  "Deal." He squeaked. 

  "Good. I'll start first. So what's your name?"

  "I'm-I'm Colin Creevey."

  "Hello Colin. Next question, since your a first year what are you doing out of bed?"

  "I wanted to see..." He blushed "Harry must be lonely and hungry and I...." Looking down at the small boy who was barely keeping up with my small strides I felt bad almost. Was it pity I felt?

  "Are you lost?"

  "Yes" A small voice pipped. "How do I get to the hospital wing?" 

  "Easily. It's on the first floor once you get there take about three rights and you'll see a picture of the Crackling Witch. Wake her nicely because she'll be cranky and polity ask for the hospital wing. She show you the way from there. Not a lot of students ask for her help but the few who do are grateful for it." I ruffled his hair. "Just try not to get caught." I looked out the window. "The castle is sure beautiful at night." I sighed. 

  "You aren't out here to send a letter are you?" Colin asked. I looked down at him in surprise but cracked a smile.

  "No, I enjoy the view. I have trouble sleeping and the night is peaceful and calm. Don't get into the habit."

  "Can I save my last question?"

  "Technically that was your last question but since it is about the game I'll give it to you. Don't tell anyone about the game it wouldn't be fun." I said and he smiled. Taking off he left with a smile. Shoving my hands in my pocket I walked along the halls staring at the ground. Finally I started to got back to the dormitory to enter a room full of sleeping girls. They didn't really have to worry about what I worry about do they? Do I even worry? Do I care? Without changing I flopped onto my bed my face buried into the pillow.


 "Can you believe it?" Hermione's voice echoed off the stall doors. I simple shook my head. How could that have happened? Colin the boy from last night was now lying in the Hospital Wing, petrified. I shuddered.

  "How long will this take again?" Ron asked leaning against the stall, board. 

  "Ron we just started." I answered adding some green glob in the potion. It sizzled slightly before sinking into the potion. 

  "Oh yeah..." Ron said handing Hermione a jar. Circling my wand above the potion, which was turning a bright red, the potion began spinning clockwise. "Alright keep at it guys, I have some.... late homework to do." I squeezed out of the stall and walked out of the bathroom. Yawning I hurried down the hall. Being late to Professor McGonagall's meeting would be very bad for me and the bubbling potion. CRASH. Looking behind me my foot steps slowed to a stop. No one was there and nothing fell. Confused I looked forward to see Malfoy and a Ravenclaw boy. Walk on past, don't stare, I thought looking at the situation. 

  "Hey..." The boy stammered. 

  "Don't hey me, you insignificant little flee." Malfoy cursed. Crabbe flexed his muscles. Where was the other one? Goyle, was it?

  "I'm not afraid of you" The boy said his brown hair hide his eyes as he picked up his books. 

  "What?" Malfoy said and then spotted me. "You cowardly evil litttle..."

  "Coming from a Slytherin that's a compliment!" The boy piped. He stood straight up. The boy was a least a head taller than Malfoy. 

  "You are a complete fool and don't..."

  "Shut up!" The boy dropped his books and put up his fists. 

  "Alright break it up!" I shouted stepping in between them. Crabbe flexed his muscles more. "Crabbe if you keep doing that you'll end up breaking things you don't have." 

  "That's Goyle" Malfoy spat at me.

  "It's not like you can tell the difference." I answered. "Walk away" Malfoy grunted but began walking away. "See they're not that big and mighty." Looking at the boy he smiled, which reminded me off Professor Lockhart's smile. Bending over I picked up his books. They were books about Lockhart. "He's an idiot." Holding out one of the books the boy looked at me like a goddess had stepped into view. "It's really easy to speak your mind."

  "Thanks and I'll keep that in mind." He took the books, "My name Razumihin Dmitri Darnell. People call me Raz for short."

  "Anna. Anna Black. Nice to meet you Raz-um-him."

  "Just call me Raz."

  "Alright Raz. I'll see you around?"

  "Yeah, this is also my second year!" I smiled and walked away. Hurried footsteps sounded and Raz stopped in front of me. "Are you in Gryffindor?"

  "Yes, Captain Obvious."

  "Can we be friends?" He asked and I laughed. Confusion spread across his face.

  "It isn't against the rules to be friends with other houses!" I said laughing. His tan cheeks suddenly turned a bright red, one I usually see on Ron. 

  "Friends then?" He asked. I nodded and Raz hurried away delighted. I chuckled.

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