Anna Black and the Snakes

Anna is starting her second year at Hogwarts. She is excited except when these words are plastered to the walls.
Will anyone be safe? What's happening?


2. Shopping, Trains, and FIGHTS!

 I walked down Diagon Alley, papa went somewhere else, kicking a stone and paying no attention to what was going on. Yesterday I got Hermione Granger's, letter asking if I could meet her tomorrow. I replied with a yes and also received my supply list from papa. We acted as if the fight didn't happen. That was the most public and most people in a fight ever and papa acted as it didn't happen. A lady rammed into my shoulder and began to rant at me. I stood there not listening then walked away. My stone disappeared and I finally looked up. Coming closer to Gringotts Bank I saw a bushy haired girl talking to two people. A complete family. Angrily brushing the thought away, I placed a smile on my face and walked faster up the steps.

 "Hermione!" I yelled. The girl turned and smiled. 

 "Anna!" I accepted her running hug. Pulling away Hermione pointed above my eye. 

 "What is that?" She asked shocked. 

 "Er...a bruise. I'll explain later."

 "That'll be good because Harry and Ron will want to hear too." She said crossing her arms. I laughed. 

 "Wait, they're here?" Hermione nodded. I laughed. Seeing Harry and Ron in public was a number one must see. We waited for them to come out. Finally they walked out followed by the Weasley family. Hermione pulled me over. Mrs. Weasley was a nice plump woman with a big heart and Mr. Weasley seemed more intrigued with Hermione's parents. 

 "Well, hello dear and who are you?" Mrs. Weasley asked.

 "Mum that's the girl we told you about." Fred said shaking my hand. George waved a hi and I waved back.

 "Anna. Anna Black." I said holding out my hand. Mrs. Weasley gratefully accepted it.

 "Oh, so you're the girl that kept these two from a boat load of trouble."

 "Well...I wouldn't..." I began but caught the twins pleading looks "Put it that far. They are pretty responsible." Mrs. Weasley looked surprised.

 "Really well..."

 "Oh look Lee..." George said 

 "See ya later mum." Fred finished and they hurried off. 

 "We'll all meet at Flourish and Blotts in an hour to buy schoolbooks!" She shouted at their retreating backs. Hermoine pulled me away from Mrs. Weasley to follow the boys already wandering down the street. Harry bought us all strawberry-peanut butter ice creams. Happily I told them about the fight. Hermione went pale and Ron was laughing wishing he could have seen it. Harry laughed along but I doubt he enjoyed the story. I told them the story like it was the first since school ended. Hermione finally dragged us along to buy quills and ink. After buying extra quills and ink we headed to the joke shop. At Gambol and Japes Wizarding Joke Shop we met Fred, George and Lee stocking up on items. After meeting Percy, Ron's older brother, we headed to the Flourish and Blotts. As we made our way over there was a long line trying to get in the bookshop. I didn't understand it until Hermione squealed.

"We actually get to met him! He's written almost the whole book list!" I laughed at her gib. Apparently Hermione liked meeting the authors of books. Following them into the bookshop I grabbed The Standard Book of Spells, Grade Two and stood behind Mrs. Weasley in line. She kept patting her hair and fixing her robes. The man who was supposedly signing books had his face plastered everywhere. They were winking and flashing a smile. I immediately disliked the new professor. camera man pushed me into Harry and stepped on Ron's foot trying to reach the Lockhart. Harry caught me before I fell and I angrily stood up. 

 "This is for the Daily Prophet!" The camera man said.

 "Big deal," Ron muttered rubbing his foot. I glanced back at Lockhart who was staring right next to me at...Harry. 

 "Harry Potter, is it really?" The crowd parted and whispering began. Lockhart pulled Harry toward him knocking me out of the way and the camera man clicked away, smoke blurred our vision. As Lockhart announced he would be the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, I moved away toward the only girl in the Weasley family. 

 "Anna" I said

 "Ginny" She answered glancing at Harry. I understood in an instant she had a crush on Harry. Finally Harry made his way over and dumped the books into Ginny's cauldron.

 "I'll buy my own" Harry mumbled and I smiled. My day was ruined by Draco suddenly appearing. 

 "He didn't want that!" Ginny said suddenly cutting Malfoy off. Ginny went red when Draco said she was his girlfriend. I watched angrily as Draco insulted Ron. Suddenly Mr. Weasley and Mr. Malfoy showed up. My heart dropped. I hadn't seen Draco's dad in six years. He eyed me and my hands curled tighter. 

 "Lucius." Mr. Malfoy nodded coldly at him.

 "Ah, Miss. Black, I hoped we..."

 "I don't care." I interrupted getting a confused look from everyone. Probably wondering how I knew him. Draco's father turned away from me. 

 "Don't you dare talk to my father like that!" Draco said stepping in front of me. 

 "I believe I just did." I said crossing my arms across my chest. 

 "Where did your manors go? I thought you were supposed to be a goody two shoes girl?"

 "Go cry to mommy, Draco." I coldly interrupted him.

 "At least I have one." Draco sneered. That was it, I didn't care where we were he didn't taunt my family issues in front of others. I dived at him exactly the same time Mr. Weasley jumped at Mr. Malfoy. Books fell on top of us as Draco tried to move away from me pinning him under books. Draco grabbed a book and hit the side of my head. I punched him in the mouth. He cried in pain and managed to punch me. I punched him hard in the stomach and felt myself being pulled away. I struggled to get back at him. Finally Ron and Harry hooked their arms around me. Mr. Malfoy yanked his son to his feet and they headed out of the shop. When they left I ripped free of their arms and walked away. They followed the Weasley family toward the Leaky Cauldron as I headed up to the steps of Gringotts Bank. Sitting heavily on the step I rubbed the side of my face. Another bruise. Pulling my knees to my chest I looked at the ground. A little while later I saw black shoes walk up to me. 

 "Anna, the shop keeper told me what happen. Are you okay?" The voice could only belong to papa. He must be done with his shopping. Tears pricked my eyes. 

 "You aren't mad?" My voice shook and I swallowed back the oncoming storm of tears. There was no answer.

 "Let's go home." Papa said after awhile and I knew he was mad. He just didn't want to say yes. I nodded and stood up. I didn't look at papa the whole way home.


 I looked out the train window. Hermione buried her nose in one of the Lockhart books. We both were waiting for Ron and Harry. They usually start the conversations, besides I could see Hermione glancing at the new bruises on my arm. Billy decided it would be cool if he began to bully more orphanage kids. Instead of telling papa, the one thing he said regarding my fights, I usually would take action into my own hands. I remember Dumbledore came over about a week ago for tea. He thought it was because I wanted papa's attention, I was on the top of the stairs in the shadows pretending I was in bed, and papa disagreed saying it was something else. When papa asked how they happen most people would confirm I was being the hero in each situation. I didn't want to be a hero, I wanted Billy to stop taunting the kids with no parents. Finally I got the guts a couple days later to mysteriously find the picture and ask about it. Papa said that they were friends. Jennie and Lily. Thanks for the detail, papa.

 "Fine!" Hermione said suddenly slamming the book shut. "Curiosity is eating me. Anna, do you have a mum?" I sat back in surprise.

 "No" I answered.

 "What happened?" Hermione asked. I shrugged.

 "Papa doesn't talk about it." I answered. "Or her" I added unconsciously.

 "So wait! You don't know who your mum is?" I nodded wishing the questioning to stop. it was making me think of all the unanswered questions I had.

 "Sorry I asked. It must be rough." Hermione mumbled looking back at her book. 

 "It's fine."

 "You can't keep yourself out of trouble?" I laughed

 "Apparently not." Our laughter filled the room for a couple of seconds. It seemed nothing else mattered in those seconds. After we finished laughing the compartment went silent. Hermione began to tell me her summer. I listened intently but my focus wandered. I then, told her my summer making my fights happen every two weeks instead of daily. Finally we decided to get into our robes, after that however silence filled the room once again. After ages the train finally stopped and I grabbed my bag. We headed out listening to Hagrid call the first years over. 

 "Where do we go?" I asked Hermione.

 "Follow people." She answered and we walked over to where everyone was going. We followed the people over to carriages pulled by nothing. I looked at Hermione who looked at me. Sometimes magic just shocks you. Clambering into a carriage we waited til it was filled with four others. Sadly, three of the four was Draco and his goons. Ginny, had already clambered up. Silence followed us as we headed toward the castle. I wanted to go across the lake again. That seemed better than being with Draco. I gripped my wand tightly in my bag. If Draco says anything I was going to blow him out of the carriage and he can walk. Thankfully, Draco didn't say anything and we all headed to the Great Hall peacefully. 

 Harry and Ron didn't show up to dinner but once in the common room we heard rumors of a flying car. Hermione's eyebrow raised questionably and she disappeared. Shrugging I went to the girl's dormitory. If the rumors were true the boys would tell us in the morning unless Hermione finds them first. Yawning I changed into my pajamas and laid on my bed. it was the same dormitory as last year but said Second Years on the door. I was about to close my eyes until I saw scribbling in the upper corner on the top of the bed. Standing up I got closer to the writing. I wasn't able to make it out. It just looked like scribbles. Sighing I fell backwards on the bed. Lavender Brown entered the dormitory muttering to Parvati. Both looked at me and smiled. 

 "How was summer, Anna?" Lavender asked eyeing the bruises.

 "Like the wind" I answered closing one side of the curtains. "Yours?" 

 "I got a baby rabbit!"


 "Parvati here thinks her summer was better than mine." 

 "I'll leave the decisions to you guys then." I answered closing the other curtain and falling asleep.

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