Anna Black and the Snakes

Anna is starting her second year at Hogwarts. She is excited except when these words are plastered to the walls.
Will anyone be safe? What's happening?


5. Potions

 Wednesday, a few days after the attack on Mrs. Norris, during lunch mind you, and instead of doing my History of Magic paper I sat in Professor McGonagall's office eating a biscuit. She suddenly waved her wand and began to pour tea. As I watched her set her wand down I noticed she looked more tired than normal.

 "You'll catch those responsible" I said taking another biscuit. They were so delicious she caught me stealing them after a meeting. However the deal was I went to these sessions instead of detentions to get food. I liked it and I could tell she liked when I came to.

 "You don't understand," She paused as I looked away with a huff. "Anna, only advance dark magic could do this. Do you really believe someone in this school could've preformed a spell to petrify a cat?"

 "Well, she is mean." I muttered and a small smile played on Professor McGonagall's lips. "You know being friends with teachers."

 "I have a question for you, Anna." Hesitating for a moment I nodded. "You have to be completely honest with me." Again I hesitated but nodded. "May I ask it?" I nodded slowly. "Why are you fighting?"

 "You're reporting all this to papa, aren't you?" I asked dodging the question. 

 "I'm not. I wouldn't because you two aren't speaking." She said.

 "Look closely at each case." I answered

 "I have. It starts with a bully and bullied. You step in and fight for them." I took a sip of the tea sitting for me.

 "Closer" The bell rung echoing through the halls. "Off to History, Professor. Nice biscuits and tea." I said shouldering my bag and heading out. I ran through the halls, even bumping into Percy who became horse due to my bad example. I got to the classroom just as Harry, Hermione, and Ron got there. 

 "Where were you?" Harry accusingly glared at me

 "Left my paper in the dorm." I said smiling. Harry grinned and sat down. I followed in suit and sat next to Hermione. She glanced at me as I shyly took my not finished essay out. By the time I finished my paper Hermione put her hand up. I looked at her my hands seemed unable to hold my quill. What was she doing? I glanced at Professor Binns who was raising his ghostly head to look at her.


 "Granger, sir. I was wondering if you could tell us about the Chamber of Secrets." Suddenly the whole room was awake. Harry and I caught eyes.

 "My subject is History of Magic." He said in a wheezy voice, "I deal with the facts not myths and legends." He continued but Hermione's hand seemed to have never left it's spot hovering in the air. "Miss. Grant?"

 "Sir don't all legends always have a basis in fact?" I gaped at her. Sure, everyone wanted to know about this chamber but why not ask Professor McGonagall or something? Surely the ghost wouldn't know more than anyone else if it's a legend. 

 "Very well... You all know that Hogwarts was founded over a thousand years ago-the exact date is uncertain- by the four greatest witches and wizards of that age." So one could be more powerful than the founders? My bets on Dumbledore. "...Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin. They built this castle together far away from the eyes of Muggles..." I wondered how classes were back then. Definitely not like now so were the students taught by the founders? "...The founders worked harmoniously for a few years until disagreements sprung up. Slytherin wished to be more selective of the students..." I couldn't imagine what that would be like. Being told no because of your blood status. I glanced at Hermione who was soaking every word Binns said. "....Slytherin left the school. The story goes that Slytherin built a secret chamber in the castle. He sealed it and no one but his true heir would be able to open it and release the monster that dwells inside." After Professor Binns finished the room was filled with unease and glances. Suddenly the class was spouting theories before Professor Binns reverted to his old drone voice to read the class notes. Something Professor Binns had said weighed heavily in my mind. Just Because a wizard doesn't use Dark Magic doesn't mean he can't! So everyone could use Dark Magic. Everyone can become Dark. There's evil in you, yes, but not enough. What amount of evil was enough to be named that? I was gonna kill that Sorting Hat. Letting out a sigh I pushed the haunting thought out of my mind.

 I wasn't listening to the conversation or where we were headed. The only thing I was really focused on was the floor and how I could get that hat to tell me what it meant without the ideas of torture which seemed constantly there. I ran into Harry and looked around. We were back where the attack happened. I heard of what the words said but seeing it in person was completely different. I split from the group and looked straight at the words in shining red. I've had to avoid this area at night because Filch stood guard. 

The Chamber of Secrets Has Been Opened

 Without saying anything I began to walk away. Glancing back the others were still busy with their search for clues. Shaking my head i picked up my pace heading toward the common room. I still had homework and if I wanted to walk tonight I might as well do it early. As I got to the half empty common room however I could feel my bag getting heavier and my eyes dropping. Taking the stairs two at a time I headed toward my bed. Flopping onto it I reached for my pillow. Grabbing it I pulled it over and placed my head on it. As my eyes closed and I released a heavy sigh I began to drift off into sleep.Without warning my eyes snapped open and my heart raced. Sitting up I scrambled over to where the pillow was. Recently I placed a frame picture of papa, Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall, and I under my pillow. The picture was taken a couple of summers ago. Dumbledore had invited a bunch of other people but only the Professor came. It was just to celebrate friends as papa put it. As I ripped up my bed sheets off I couldn't find it. Next I moved to my trunk. It wasn't in there either. Tripping I headed toward my bedside table. Searching through its contents the picture wasn't in there either. My heart dropped replaced by a numb feeling spreading throughout my body. Who could have it? Suddenly the dormitory door opened and Hermione walked in. Her jaw dropped at the mess and I glanced at it. Sheets littered the floor along with my clothes and I sat in a pile of parchments. 

 "Anna?" She picked her way over to her bed. "Are you okay?" I stood up quickly and began shoving everything onto my bed. "Anna?" She asked again.

 "I'm fine, Hermione!" I snapped. "No, sorry, I misplaced something and I can't find it."

 "No need to destroy everything to find it!" She said "Let me help" She added and picked up the sheets. I gathered my belongings as she pointlessly made the bed. As I bent over to grab a quill that rolled under the bed my hand touched something cold and smooth. Smiling I took hold of it and pulled it out from under the bed. It was the picture. Hugging it to my chest I looked up to see Hermione looking curiously at the thing in my hand.

 "Found it" I said sitting on the bed. She smiled and hopped over to her bed.

 "Hey, Anna?" She asked lying on her bed. I glanced up at her after peeking at the picture. "You're brilliant at potions, right?"

 "If great is worse than you." I mused placing the frame in the drawer next to my bed. 

 "Oh that's rubbish! I know your better than me!" She said.

 "Fine, you caught me. I have a knack for the potion making field." We laughed. 

 "The guys and I want to find out if this one person is the heir to Slytherin and to do that we're going to use the Polyjuice Potion." I let out a whistle. It wasn't very good but I tried.

 "That's a hard potion. I remember my...papa talked about it to me lifetimes ago. Apparently it was big when you-know-who was around."

 "Since your good at potions I wondered if you would be willing to help us?"

 "Yeah, I'll help. Mostly because I want to see if I could actually make." I said falling backwards. 

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