Anna Black and the Snakes

Anna is starting her second year at Hogwarts. She is excited except when these words are plastered to the walls.
Will anyone be safe? What's happening?


4. Detention with Mysteries?

 "What?" I yawned as Hermione took the sheets off of me. The cold room made me curl in a ball. Twisting around I saw her smiling face. 

 "Breakfast, lazy" Hermione said sternly.

 "Five more minutes, mum" I joked.

 "Very funny" She said trying to suppress her laughter. I ripped my pillow from under me smacking it in her face. She used my pillow to hit me. Laughing I ran toward her bed grabbing a pillow. Throwing it at her, she dodged, and it hit Lavender Brown. She sat up dazed holding the pillow. We all laughed as Hermione hit me with the pillow. Dodging her attacks I jumped on Lavender's bed. Lavender took the opportunity to hit me in the leg. Acting as if she sliced my foot off I hopped to the next bed, falling on someone's legs. 

 "Ow!" A girl's voice mumbled from under the covers. 

 "Pardon me!" I said grabbing the pillow. Both girls jumped on the bed smacking me with pillows. 

 "Okay! Okay! I get it!" I yelled underneath the flying pillows. The room erupted in laughter with mine. Parvati pushed me off the bed making me tumble to the floor. "You win, this time." Picking myself off the floor I threw a pillow onto my bed and changed. Hermione and I then went down to the Great Hall to see Ron helping himself to some toast. As we sat down I looked around.

 "Where's Harry? He's always glued to your side." I asked Ron

 "Quidditch" I made an 'o' with my mouth. After breakfast we headed out to the Quidditch pitch with Harry's breakfast. 

 "Done?" Ron asked him when he came out on to the field. 

 "Haven't started." Harry said rubbing his stomach. As I watched Harry race Fred and George. Suddenly the group formed a circle. 

 "Oh no" Ron moaned. As I looked at him I saw green figures enter the pitch.

 "He can say that again." Hermione and I glanced at each other before running after Ron. 

 "What's going on? How come you guys aren't practicing?" Ron asked turning to Draco who appeared in the crowd. I glanced at Fred and George giving them a smile. 

 "I'm Seeker, Weasley." Draco's cold voice jolted my nerves.

 "Say what?" I said looking at Draco. Draco said something about the brooms but I was still confused. How did a slime ball like him get on a broom?

 "At least no one had to buy their way in," Hermione said sharply cutting off the laughter from the Slytherin team, "They got pure talent." Draco's smug looked flickered.

 "No one asked your opinion, you filthy little Mudblood." He spat and I leaped forward and Alicia grabbed my robes also yelling 'how dare you'. Fred and George were stopped by Flint stepping in front of Draco. Ron pulled out his wand.

 "You'll pay for that one." Ron yelled and with a bang the green spell blasted backwards into him, knocking him off his feet. 

 "Ron!" Hermione gasped running to his side. I turned running over to. Ron didn't say anything except belch a large slug. Roars of laughter came from behind me. Helping Ron stand Harry and I hurried to Hagrid's. 


 "I'm gonna kill him." I muttered at Hagrid's. Ron was puking slugs into a bucket and Harry was telling Hagrid what happened. 

 "You already got a detention!" Hermione said hotly. I only sunk lower.

 "Detention, how?" Hagrid asked.

 "Anna saw Draco picking on some first year..." Ron then dived out of sight.

 "She yelled at him to stop. Defending the girl..." Harry began

 "He was treating her like a piece of dirt! He called the girl what he called Hermione today!" I interrupted. "So I told the kid to go and I'll deal with this. Hoping she didn't understand the insult."

 "But dealing with this, scared the kid, who got Professor Snape. He was apparently the closest there." Hermione continued.

 "He didn't hear the whole thing" I mumbled remembering papa's angry face. "Draco has one dirty mouth. He was acting superior to everyone and calling people Mudbloods and..." It had to be papa too.

 "We only saw Anna being towed away by Snape and Malfoy looking pleased." Harry finished.

 "I lost fifty points and got a month of detention!" I exclaimed. Hagrid chuckled and poured me tea.

 "Well, I heard you've been in a lot of fights lately." Hargid said

 "From who?"

 "Yer dad. He asked if I might have known why. He did get the letter." I sunk lower into the chair. Hagrid noticed my gloomy mood and changed the subject to Harry's signed photographs. Making Harry the one who got angry. They followed Hagrid to see what he was growing and my mood deepened. Draco brought my parents back into it. Saying 'your father isn't your father'. I was tired and curious. What does he know that I don't? He only got points taken away for bulling. The memory of papa sadly sitting at his desk while we waited for Professor McGonagall. I momentarily shivered and walked out. We said goodbye to Hagrid and headed toward the castle. Before we could go anywhere Professor McGonagall called us over. I listened as Ron and Harry got their death sentence detentions. I began to pity them until the professor looked at me.

 "Anna you will be serving detention with Professor Snape. Eight o'clock sharp." Ron and Harry seemed to pity me more than letting their guilt eat them. Hermione even cringed. I looked at her pleadingly.

 "Beautiful a night with Snape." I said clenching my teeth. Professor McGonagall heard my muttering. 

 "Go on ahead you three." She said to the others. I sighed angrily, shoving my hands in my pockets, and looking at the wall. 

 "Miss. Black, I must say I have never seen you like this." She said shrilly as they disappeared. I shrugged then looked at the floor. "What happened to the smiling girl I remember as Anna Black." My fists curled inside my pockets. Another mystery needing to be answered. Why aren't I Anna Snape? Sure it doesn't roll off the tongue but it wouldn't be a lie. My silence seemed to irritate her.

 "Anna, look at me." Professor McGonagall said. I looked up not to see an irritated face but a concern one like a mother would wear. My stomach clenched and I could feel my eyes welding up with tears. Trying to calm my breathing I looked away. Taking my fists out of my pockets I flattened them against my side. I was not going to cry.

 "Anna..." Knowing she would punish me later, I pushed past her tearing off into the hall. 


 "You know this isn't really detention." I said placing a clean bottle back on the self. I finally broke the incredibly long silence. Papa was grading papers at his desk while I took forever to clean the bottles. It was my luck I didn't cry because papa would notice big puffy eyes but it still lingered in the back of my throat waiting patiently. 

 "We could get you something else perhaps with Lockhart." I shook my head and rearranged the bottles. 

 "This serves well." I answered quickly. Papa chuckled. Finally done with the top shelf I sat back and bit my lip. "Am I like her?" I asked quietly. My voice trembled. My fist curled crushing the cloth. 

 "Who?" Papa asked standing up to stretch.

 "Mum" Papa was in mid-yawn when he froze. I watched him as he slowly sat back down and looked at me. My eyes didn't glaze over anything like they usually did these days. 

 "Is that what..." I hopped down from the stool.

 "It's late and I'm tired. Goodnight papa." I interrupted heading towards the door. 

 "Anna, come here." I stopped at the door but didn't look back.

 "I love you" I said fighting the sudden swarm of tears. Why must it be so hard to answer? He continued to say my name and command me to turn around. Instead, I opened the door and slammed it shut. Placing my hands in my pockets I began to walk down the hall. Halfway between trying to get lost and knowing exactly where I was tears finally rolled down my cheeks. Who could she be? Nothing made sense. I silently cried but stopped by a moonlit window. I pulled out a picture of me and papa. Who was she? Who could she be? Was she one of the girls in the old school picture? Was she bad? Why does she need to be kept in the dark? Unless...Draco was right. Papa wasn't my actual father. Does that mean I'm adopted? Why would papa adopt a child? Was Ms. Patches related to all this? I slammed my fist into the wall wishing my thoughts could stop and focus on the pain in my hand. Why am I living in the dark about my past and parents? Am I being protected from the truth or saved? Why couldn't I ask him? An image of papa when I asked if I was like mum popped into my head. He looked so broken. I leaned heavily on the wall and slid down it. My tears flowed like a waterfall. Hugging my knees I wanted answers so bad. 

 "Why are you crying?" A voice asked. Surprised I wiped furiously at my eyes using my sleeve. 

 "I'm not." I lied tears didn't seem to stop. Blinking I looked up to see a ghost hovering in front of me. She looked curious. 

 "You lied" She said


 "Well that's mean."

 "Mean? Mean! I tell you what's mean, not knowing who your parents are and not getting answers because you can't bare to see your father if he is look so broken. So you can't get the answers you want and people don't answer your questions. Also a hated person knows more than I do about myself!" I seemed to feel better after telling the ghost that. 

 "I'm sorry"

 "It's not your fault" I said drying my tears and looking away from the pity in her face. "Just don't tell anyone. It's my problem."

 "Why don't you do something about it, young Gryffindor?"

 "Like what? I have no leads to get answers!"

 "Struggle through it." I glanced up to see the ghost gone. 

 "How?" I asked.


 "Count me out!" I said as Hermione looked pleadingly at me. It seemed like yesterday I talked to the ghost but it was already Halloween. "Forget me. I'm going to eat food. I'll save you some because if you remember clearly dead people don't eat." An invitation to a deathday party. Harry promised to go to Nearly Headless Nick's deathday party. That was no conern of mine. Besides celebrating the day you died with a bunch of other ghost sounded depressing and not fun. 

 "Please Anna! I don't want to go but Harry..."

 "Your problem not mine. I'll sneak food for you but no way am I going to a deathday party. Even for our house ghost." Hermione finally defeated nodded.

 "Fine but I want some pumpkin pie."

 "Done" I shook her hand and she headed away from the Great Hall with Harry and Ron. "They're insane" Closing my eyes I remember last Halloween. A giant troll. What a great night that was! Neville bumped my arm. Entering the Great Hall I sat with George and Fred. I had completely stopped talking to papa until he told me, making the detentions with him a one sided conversation, and I could see it was killing him. I made sure to read every letter he sent. They all ask why I wouldn't talk to him. The only one I like so far was he said I had her confidence, endurance, and papa's sly tongue. Okay, that told me nothing. 

 I began to hung out with the twins when I wasn't hanging out with Hermione. It seemed Percy's main goal in life was trying to catch us goofing around and report it to the teachers. I was getting into more trouble than I have all my life. Professor McGonagall started seeing me on a weekly basis because I might have set dungbombs in the hall or let of a firework. No fighting though, which Professor McGonagall thought was an improvement. It was just me and her sharing a biscuit and talking about anything but my actions. Papa didn't.

 Hermione was worried for me. Mostly because I managed to be more of a pest than a friend. I was working on being a friend. She knew I was getting letters from 'papa' but I wondered if she knew papa wasn't at home but work. Work as in here. If Hermione guessed and told me I wouldn't be mad but pleased and wished it to be a secret. Hermione can keep secrets. Laughing as if I was having a good time, which wasn't entirely false, I kept placing food in the bag next to me. Secretly it was working but I saw Percy Weasley eyeing me. I smiled at him putting on my innocence act. Glancing up at the staff table, I saw everyone but papa having a good time. It was a small stab in the heart but I ignored it. 

 Once the feast was over, I slung the heavy satchel on my shoulder and followed the crowd out, laughing. Suddenly the crowd stopped and the satchel seemed heavier than before. Trying to see the hold up, Dumbledore, Lockhart, Professor McGongall, and papa swept past me. He glanced at me and I acted as if he wasn't there. I watched as the teachers swept past me again but this time followed by Harry, Hermione, and Ron. I followed behind them, istead of the crowd going to bed, making sure I wasn't seen. When they entered the classroom I sat on the floor waiting for them to get out. What was happening? What happened? Why are they responsible? I determined now I hate questions without answers. Suddenly the door opened and Hermione motioned me to follow. I followed them into an empty classroom.

 "What happen?" I asked handing Hermione the bag of food, which she started handing out. Harry began to explain the death party, the odd voice, the writing on the wall, what the teachers said, and the cat. 

 "But petrified? I mean what or who does that to a cat? Why a cat and not a student?" I asked and they shrugged. They began to discuss what the writing and the voice were when suddenly Harry asked a funny question. Then I remembered he had been raised with muggles.

 "What's a Squib?" Was Harry's question

 "A Squid is someone born into a wizarding family but hasn't got any magical powers. Opposite of Muggle-born wizards but Squibs are unusual. If Filch's trying to learn magic from a Kwikspell course, I reckon he must be a Squib. It would explain why he hates students." I chuckled as Ron finished explaining. Hermione gave me a look. A clock chimed.

 "We better go before Snape tries to frame us for something else." 

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