Anna Black and the Snakes

Anna is starting her second year at Hogwarts. She is excited except when these words are plastered to the walls.
Will anyone be safe? What's happening?


1. Another Fight

 Six years ago

 A small black haired child laughter filled the room as a tall, hooked nose, and greasy haired man chased her.The girl screamed in delight as the man caught up to her, lifting the child off her feet. Anna's shrieks of laughter echoed in the room and Snape fell backwards onto the couch laughing. 

 "Papa, stop!" The girl's cries went unheard as Snape hugged her closer. He let her go as a timer zoomed into the room buzzing like a bee. Anna seized her chance and raced away. Snape pushed himself off the couch, flicked his wand at the timer which fell from the sky like a rock, and headed to the potions room. It was a lot like his classroom at Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry. The bubbling potion on the desk gave off a sweet aroma. Snape spied a small child peeking into the room. Like him, Anna had a gift in potions. She could already name fifty potions by a simple whiff. Snape didn't even get her into potions. He found her in this room, before she could talk, with open potion books, a pot, and a stick in her hand mimicking him. Snape couldn't be prouder of Anna. He got a smile every time he saw Anna peeking around a corner or surprising him with things. The two things he regretted though was that Anna didn't have a mother and that he ever considered to give her up. Snape added a few ingredients listening to Anna list off what they were. Snape handed her the spoon and Anna stirred the potion. Knocks suddenly echoed throughout the house. Carefully placing a lid on the potion, and making the flames disappear he headed out with Anna on his heels. Snape opened the door a crack. Standing there looking grim was a tall pale man. He had a very pointed face and cold grey eyes. Behind the man was a small boy which only could be his son by the matching complexion. Snape opened the door wider knowing who it was, however it did not mean he was equally pleased to see him.

 "Ah, Professor, you're here." Mr. Malfoy said. "I believe you have something of mine." 

 "Lucius, what do you want?" Snape asked feeling Anna hug his leg, shyly. However, Snape knew exactly what he wanted.

 "Why, I think you know." Mr. Malfoy said. He glanced at the children, "The children don't need to hear this."

 "Anna, this is Draco. How about you go play outside with him?" Snape suggested.

 "Okay!" Anna said with delight grabbing the boy's hand and pulling him.


 "I know this great playground!" Anna pulled the boy all the way to the playground. He didn't smile. As they got to the playground Anna spotted Billy who also spotted her. He ran up to her.

 "Who's this Anna? Is he gonna play?" Billy asked.

 "His name is Draco. Draco, are you gonna play?" Draco was stone silent. Anna had an idea. She hit Draco and started to run away. He looked shocked and confused. Billy looked confused too.

 "You're it." Billy said. Draco looked down. "Don't you know how to play tag?" Draco shook his head. Anna skipped up to him.

 "It's easy. You hit someone and then chase after you. If you're it, you chase us! Easy?" Anna explained smiling. Draco nodded and hit Anna. "I"M IT!" She yelled. All the children on the playground smiled as Anna began to run. After a while Billy, Anna, and Draco sat panting on the playground. They had gotten tired and stopped playing. 

 "Hey, Anna when we leave do you want to play some more?" Draco asked

 "Silly! If you leave we can't play!" Anna said and Billy laughed. 

 "But, Anna, you're leaving with us." Draco said.

 "No I'm not. Papa and I are having my favorite dinner tonight."

 "Anna, he isn't your papa."

 "Liar. Papa been with me forever."

 "Anna..." Draco said but Anna stood up. 

 "Liar! I hate you! You lie!" Anna shouted. She then spotted her papa and the man from earlier.

 "Anna come one, we have to leave." Draco said taking her hand. 

 "No" Anna didn't understand what happen next. Draco suddenly was on the floor, far away from the playground. Billy was running to his dad. Draco stood up and ran to his dad. Papa ran over to her. She walked over to his open arms. "I'm not leaving."

 "No" Papa answered looking at Draco and his dad. "You're going to be a very powerful witch." He muttered heading home.


 "So papa, who's the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher?" I asked. We were sitting on a bench in the summer carnival that came this year. My feet hovered above the ground and muggles past us constantly. I looked at papa who was looking at me. He smiled.

 "It's not Quirrell." Papa said laughingly. 

 "I know that!" I took a big bite of my red apple in my hand. Papa put his arm across my shoulder.

 "His name is Gilderoy Lockhart. I don't understand why Dumbledore picked him."

 "Papa, if you did it who would do Potions? You're the best Potions Master ever." A small smile curved his lips while mine were permanently glued into a smile. Papa kissed the top of my head as I munched on the apple. A lady and a group of kids caught my eye. The lady had straw hair and green eyes. Papa gave her a slight wave and seemed to pull me closer. She waved back and began to talk to the kids. Suddenly they ran off. Papa handed me a couple of green bills. 

 "Go get some lemonade." Papa said and my smile widened. Taking the money I ran toward the stand that was labeled drinks. Looking back papa greeted the lady with a hand shake. They exchanged some words as my attention turned to the drinks. 

 "Two lemonades, please." I said getting up to the counter. I handed the man the money and he handed me back some more green paper. "Thank you!" I shoved the money in my satchel I used for school and took the two cups on the counter. Hurrying over to papa I handed him the cup.

 "Thanks Anna. Anna, this is Ms. Patches." Ms. Patches smiled at me as I took a sip.

 "Hello" I responded after gulping. 

 "Hello, Anna. You've grown to be a beautiful girl."

 "Thank you?"

 "Anna, she is an old friend of mine. She saw you when you were very little." My mouth shaped an 'o' and my attention was averted when someone moved their cart. Behind the cart was a sparkling blue lake.

 "Papa!" I said tugging on his sleeve. He broke his conversation and looked down. I pointed with my cup at the shiny lake.

 "Alright, but don't get wet!" He said kissing my head. I gave him my lemonade and I headed toward the lake. Once at the lake I began to gather stones. Placing the stones in a tight circle I pulled my shoes off. Peeling my socks off I smiled and headed near the water. In a lake like this there had to be some roots used for potions. Moving the mud around I began to shift through it. After awhile with a hand full of roots I walked out of the lake toward the stones, my shoes, and my bag. Laying the roots in the circle of rocks I sat down. I was about to relax when a foot kicked the stones and the roots away. I scrambled away avoiding the sudden sea of kicks. Billy and his gang destroyed the circle. Then they picked up my things.

 "Hey! Stop that!" I yelled as they threw my shoe. It landed in the lake. Running over I grabbed the soaked shoe. With a splash the other pair landed next to me. Picking that one up I turned around breathing heavy. I could see some of the kids from earlier looking over. Billy held up my bag.

 "What's a Gryffindor?" He asked loudly. I clenched my teeth. Then pulling back he threw my bag. It landed in front of me. Wet, I grabbed my bag and headed out of the water. Placing my wet things away from the gang I straighten up.

 "Apologize, now." I commanded and they laughed. My hands began to hurt from being clenched into a fist. They were just getting me back for making them look like fools and me winning the fight. 

 "Or what?" Billy sneered.

 "You won't see your next birthday." Billy was the only one who stopped laughing. The group of kids came closer. The air tasted thick with suspense. 

 "Witch" Billy smiled crossing his arms. Stepping closer till I was arms distance away I glared at him.

 "Say it again and watch what happens." It actually wasn't an insult but the way he said it was like it was something evil. I wasn't evil no matter what that old hat said.

 "W.I.T.C.H. Witch." Without a sound I step forward and slammed my fist into his face. He outweighed me as much as a cat to a mouse but my punch made him stubble back. The kids ran up forming a circle around us. Billy began to punch my way but I dodged each one. As one of his fist narrowly missed my I rammed forward, shoving my fist into his stomach. The only way I was getting him on his knees was if I acted fast and hit without mercy. Not letting him catch his breath my fist hit under his chin. Immediately after that I punched sideways into his face. I kept punching not caring where I hit until suddenly I was tossed backwards. My chest burned with pain. Struggling up I saw Billy walk towards me. Standing up I threw a punch which he caught. My eyes widen as his fist flew towards me. I used my other arm to hit him but his fist collided with my face. I kicked and punched but Billy's grip tightened Somehow he had gotten me into an arm lock. Scratching his arm I tried to breath. Nothing was working. When I started to go limp he spun me around and punched me in the face. Pain exploded where my nose was and I couldn't breath from it. 

 "Never mind witch, you're a whimp." Billy's taunting voice said. I landed on my butt. Breathing through my mouth I could taste the copper sting of blood. My hand shook as I whipped under my nose. My whole face stung. Looking at my hand I saw the red substance of anger. Rage flew into my throat as I stood up. "What more?" Billy asked. I could see my punches were just bruises on his face. Blood to a bruise. Without him reacting I was on top of him punching his face. The roar of the crowd cheered me on. These were also the people bullied by this low life roach. Suddenly i was lifted off him. I twisted to see one of his bodies before he punched me. Pain roared in my ears as I tried to fight back. The ground was suddenly underneath me and others began to fight. no one was hitting me but the pain was like someone was still at it. There were loud shots and the fighting stopped and I felt myself be lifted up. When did I close my eyes? Yelling began instead of fighting. No one was calm. I was placed across a bench the metal stinging my skin. Someone cautiously whipped my face. 

 "Is she dead?" Someone asked.

 "No but this is what happens if you fight." I recognized the voice as Ms. Patches from earlier. Where was papa? I swatted at her hands like they were flies and sat up opening my eyes. There was a crowd of kids and adults all talking. Sitting up made my head spin but I had to looked for papa. "Lay back down now!" She ordered and I glared at her. She glared back. Three kids stood behind her smiling. 


 Papa sat on the edge of my bed wringing out a bloody towel. I was sitting up in my pajamas waiting for him to say something. So far he hasn't said a word. Looking around my room I wanted to say something cutting the silence. My room wasn't a mess as it usually was, being the deal made to go to the stupid fair, and it smelled of lemons. I regained my smell when papa fixed my nose. He flicked his wand at the bowl of red liquid and the red towel and they floated out of the room. Papa finally looked at me. His expression was unreadable. Without a word he kissed me on the top of the head and turned the light out. He walked out of the room. I turned the light on and pulled out a picture. I had found it in papa's sleeping hand. It was a picture of three people. One I recognized as papa, when he was younger. Way younger. The other people were two girls. Neither of which I knew. They were all smiling though. Happily as if nothing could ever happen. I tossed the picture back in the bedside table drawer and slammed it shut. This wasn't the first night we didn't talk. It happened after every fight. The fights started a week after I had gotten home from school. It was a girl, who lived at the orphanage, Billy was bulling her and telling her no one loved her. Why would someone tell the nicest girl in the world that? After a while of Billy and I taunting each other he brought up Draco. A boy he hardly knew but who said some key things. That was my first fight. I didn't tell papa how it occurred. I was related to Severus Snape. He was my father... Was he? Grabbing my wand I muttered the spell and my door slammed shut. I placed the wand back on the night stand and closed my eyes. Emotions battling inside as I toss and turned. We would both forgot this ever happened in the morning. 

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