Love Is Confusing

Cocoa Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinson's younger sister. She has just recently graduated from high school and hasn't got a job yet. One day Cocoa gets a call from Modest! management asking to be One Direction's makeup artist. This means Cocoa will get to spend more time with her brother and his three band mates. What happens when Cocoa starts to fall for one of Louis' best mates? Will Louis approve or will everything turn to custard?
Read to find out.


4. Chapter Three

Cocoa's Pov

I sit on my bed and dial Christine's number.


"Hey Christine. It's Cocoa, Louie's sister."

"Oh yes. Hello Cocoa!"

"Hi, my mom said I can go on the tour and fill in for Lou!"

"Oh that's great love! Can you please come to Modest! tomorrow?"

"Yea sure. What time?"

"Around 11.30am?"

"Okay I will see...." I say not knowing who I am going to meet there.

"Me. I will meet you at the front desk at approximately 11.30am."

"Awesome! See you there." I say and then we both hang up.

I check the time on my phone and it reads 5.56pm. I decide to take a shower since I have just been for a run.

I walk into the bathroom and turn on the shower hopping in. The warm water soothes my skin. I rinse my hair with water and wash my body and hop out.

I decide on wearing my grey sweats and a white pocket tee. I blow dry my hair and straiten it leaving it long, adding a grey beanie to accessorise. For makeup, I just apply a simple layer of foundation and concealer and then a basic beige eyeshadow, along with some mascara and eyeliner. I then apply some blusher and bronzer. I fill in my brows and then put on a pair of my white leather converse chuck taylors, before heading downstairs.

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