Love Is Confusing

Cocoa Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinson's younger sister. She has just recently graduated from high school and hasn't got a job yet. One day Cocoa gets a call from Modest! management asking to be One Direction's makeup artist. This means Cocoa will get to spend more time with her brother and his three band mates. What happens when Cocoa starts to fall for one of Louis' best mates? Will Louis approve or will everything turn to custard?
Read to find out.


2. Chapter One

Cocoa's Pov

I sit at home on my MacBook searching for job ideas. None of them seem to draw my attention. They're all the same - Supermarket Workers, Restaurant Waitresses, Mail Deliverers, Pizza Workers - ugh they're all so boring! I want something interesting and different but there's just nothing out there!

"Cocoa I'm home!" My mom calls from downstairs.

I close the lid to my MacBook and slowly walk down the stairs in my giraffe onesie, with my head hanging low. Thinking that I am never going to find a job that suits me. I finally reach the bottom of the stairs and my mom gives me a questioned look.

"What's wrong love?" She asks, unpacking the food from the supermarket bags.

"There's just no jobs out there mom. I have looked everywhere!"

"It's okay love. I'm sure we will find something." She responds with encouragement.

"I hope so. I seriously need to get my own apartment. I'm nineteen and still living with my mom."

"Surely that's not a bad thing?"

"Yes it is mom. I have to get my own life one day. I mean seriously, I don't even have a boyfriend."

"Oh sweetie you will one day. I promise."

After my mom and I's convocation, I put some popcorn in the microwave and wait for the beep.

"Beep. Beep. Beep." The microwave alerts me that my popcorn is done.

I pour the popcorn into a bowl. I wander upstairs to go back on my Mac to search for more job opportunities.


After what feels like 30 minutes of searching for jobs and eating popcorn, I check the time. My phone reads 12.34pm. I decide to get out of bed and get ready for the day.

I walk into my ensuite and lock the door behind me. I turn on the shower and undress. I hop into the shower and let the steaming water soak into my skin. I apply body wash to my skin and then rinse it off, along with shampoo and conditioner. Once I have shaved and done everything you do in a shower, I hop out. I wrap a towel around my body and a turbie towel around my head. I unlock the door and head into my bedroom.

I put on a bra and underwear then head over to my makeup vanity. I apply some foundation and concealer to even out my skintone and get rid of the bags under my eyes. Then apply some bronzer and blusher to give my skin a nice healthy glow. After the face products, I decide on a nice silver smokey eye look and then apply some mascara and eyeliner. Once my eyes are complete, I fill in my eyebrows and apply some lipstick. I braid my long brown hair into a side braid and head over to my wardrobe to get dressed.

I decide on wearing my black leather skinny jeans, a burgundy loose crop top with a burgundy beanie and a cream snood to accessorise. I throw on my black and whit vans and head downstairs.

"Mom?!" I call walking into the lounge area.

"Yes love?"

"I'm heading out shopping okay?"

"Sure, just be back by 4.30pm okay? We are having the neighbours come around for an afternoon snack."

"Alright see you then."

I grab my iPhone, wallet and car keys and head out the door.


I drive along the streets of London and finally find a car park. I park my Range Rover and head into the shops.

I walk into Topshop and pick up a few things to try on. Once I have picked up a few items, I head to the change rooms. I try on all of the items and love them all so much that I buy them all. I walk out of Topshop with two pairs of jeans, one pair of joggers, three shirts, a summer dress and a playsuit.

Next I head to M.A.C to purchase some new makeup that either I have run out of or just want to try.

I exit M.A.C with my everyday foundation and concealer, one bronzer, one highlighter, one blush, two eyeshadows and three of my all time favourite lipsticks.

After a few more shops, I decide to head home.

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