Love Is Confusing

Cocoa Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinson's younger sister. She has just recently graduated from high school and hasn't got a job yet. One day Cocoa gets a call from Modest! management asking to be One Direction's makeup artist. This means Cocoa will get to spend more time with her brother and his three band mates. What happens when Cocoa starts to fall for one of Louis' best mates? Will Louis approve or will everything turn to custard?
Read to find out.


6. Chapter Four

Cocoa's Pov

I reach the bottom of the stairs and see my mom with a Nando's bag on the table.

"Mmmm you know me so well mom!" I say as I take in the amazing scent of the food.

"I know love that's why I got it for you."

"Can we eat yet?"

"Sure. Dig right in. That's your bag over there." She says pointing to the bag on a table.

"Lotts, Fizz and the twins have already got theirs." She continues.

"Sweet!" I respond as I make my way over to the table, digging into the food.

I can eat quite a lot of food and not gain weight because I have a fast metabolism. Let me tell you, it's amazing. Especially if you love food.

After a while of just eating my food, I check the time and it reads 6.18pm. I decide to head upstairs and get into my pyjamas and once I am dressed, I go downstairs to watch a movie.

I insert 'Wild Child' into the disc holder and wait for the title screen to show. Once it appears, I press play and begin to watch the movie.


I finish munching on popcorn when the movie ends - Yes I Did Microwave More - I check the time on my phone and it reads 11.39pm. I decide to go to bed considering I have a meeting with Christine tomorrow.

I head upstairs to my room and climb into bed. I plug my iPhone into its charger and set the alarm for 10.30am. Once I set my alarm, I drift into unconsciousness.


- 10.30am

"I'm like a crow on a wire, your the shining distraction that makes me fly." My alarm sings to me.

I turn it off and gather a towel and head to my bathroom. I turn on the water and almost immediately hot water seeps through. I jump in and wash my body with body wash. I shampoo and condition my hair before stepping out and wrapping a towel around my body, along with one for my hair. I exit the bathroom and head to my wardrobe.

I put on a bra and underwear. I then choose my outfit that I'm going to wear for my meeting with Christine. I decide on a pair of black leather skinny jeans, a grey knitted sweater and some black stilettos. For accessories, I take my cream coloured handbag with my wallet, Ray Ban sunglasses, car keys and favourite perfume inside it. Once my handbag is packed, I head over to my makeup vanity.

I quickly blow dry and straiten my hair and then get onto my makeup.

I apply the basic foundation, concealer, bronzer and blusher. Next I take M.A.C's Woodwinked eyeshadow, I blend it out until it looks nice. I then apply a cat eye with my liquid eyeliner. To top off the eyes, I apply one of my favourite mascaras. To finish off the whole look, I apply my favourite lipstick which is Hue by M.A.C. I put my gold iPhone 5s into my pocket and grab my handbag before heading out my bedroom door.

I check the time on the clock and it reads 11.02am. I decide that there is no time for breakfast so I will just get it on my way home or something. I race into the bathroom and brush my teeth. Once I have done that I head out the door, saying goodbye to my mom on the way. I hop into my Range Rover and drive to Modest!.

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