Rodrick Krimmson's Memoirs

A (hopefully) large collection of dictated memoirs from the Mayor of a town in the DnD campaign that I am playing in. This is to help me develop his character in a meaningful way, whilst unable to play with the group due to exams on the GM's behalf.


4. What to do...

So, once I became mayor I think the first thing that I did was just lock myself away in the mayoral office for a couple of days, no sleep, no food, nothing, just reading up on anything that I could find. Reading wasn't that difficult, I guess, I had Elena giving me a hand for the first few hours, until I got the hang of it, then I just did it on my own. I read about everything I thought might help, about the rules and laws of the town, about how the king and court worked, about what happened to the gods and the other races. I suppose it was also a coping thing as well, having gone from knowing nobody to hating myself for what I knew of them to being put in such a position of power in such a short time was scary, and after so little happening for so long it was terrifying to have all of this happen seemingly at once. 

I'd been mayor for a year when the Ensorcelled Shield moved in, a "righteous inquisition" if you will, dedicated to rooting out any illegal mages or nonhumans and killing them. The scary thing was the difference between their recruits and their captains, the former being light spirited, gullible and weak, but the latter being some of the most loyal and trustworthy people I knew. I guess that it had to have been what they went through to get there, as you were only promoted within the Ensorcelled Shield if you had slain a beast, something that was anything but an easy feat. But as much as they scared me I respected them for it, these were people who knew true discipline, who would never dream of faltering in the face of death, men who would hold the line up to and beyond their last breath if that was what it took. 

When they moved in, cohorts at a time, to a small town on the border I realised something was up. The war with Aunarr, the neighbouring country that I lived in until so recently, had apparently ended mere days before I arrived in Borderton, and hostilities were still high. A military force of this size and caliber moving onto the border was definitely a sign of bad things to come, but what they came for was something a lot closer to home, and something that probably shaped my life more than I could possibly have given it credit for even after it happened.     

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