Love Bitten ( Louis Tomlinson love story)

It is the first day of summer vacation for 17 year old Keri Brooke's. She had never had a boyfriend and never had her first kiss. One day she was taking a midnight stroll through the woods and then everything went black. She woke up in a dark room with her hands tied behind a chair, her legs were tied together, Her mouth covered with duck tape, and a bandana tied around her eyes. Her breathing started to get heavier as she started to cry. She had no idea where she was or no idea what was going to happen to her. When her kidnappers found out she was awake they ripped the duck tape off of her mouth causing her to scream. After that they took her bandana off. She seen 5 guys and one of them caught her eye. Has she fallen in love with one of her kidnappers... Will she ever escape ..... Will she find love.... You never know......



" Are they a gang, Are they going to kill me, will I ever see my family again"

I snapped out of my thoughts when the bedroom door opened. I seen the 5 boys walk in. Zayn was carrying a plate with eggs on it. He sat on the bed and handed it to me as the other boys watched. I looked at the plate and then looked back at Zayn. " just take it" he said. " No" I replied back. " Don't say no to me, take the plate" He said. "Fine I won't say no, i'll say i'm not hungry" I said with an attitude. " DON'T BE A SMART ALEK WITH ME, OK" he screamed. I quickly grabbed the plate from his hand and through it at the wall. " Ok thats it" Zayn said. He yanked my hair causing me to fall off the bed on to my knees. He pushed me down to the ground and kicked my rib. I screamed in pain as he did it again. " YOU ARE GOING TO LISTEN TO WHATEVER I SAY" Zayn shouted. " NO, YOU CANT TELL ME WHAT TO DO" I shouted back but even louder then he did. He kicked me again then left the room. I aced in pain as the others just sat there and watched. I mean I didn't expect them to do anything but who can just watch someone ace in pain. Louis kneeled down beside me and lifted the side of my shirt were he kicked me. He touched it causing me to wince. He pulled down my shirt and then looked at me. I could tell he felt bad, he had that apologetic look on his face. The others left the room but Louis stayed. He looked at me once more and kissed my forehead. " You'll be okay" I heard him whisper in my ear as he left the room. Louis was different from all the rest. I felt like he actually cared for me. I knew that if he could stop any of this from happening he would. I managed to get up and back into the bed. I closed my eyes and once again fell asleep.

Louis P.O.V

I felt extremely bad for her. She was different. We kidnapped about two other girls and they just gave up and killed themselves. But she was different. She was a fighter. She knew the consequences she would get if she gave an attitude or raised her voice but she didn't care. She did it anyway. I liked that about her. I wish I could tell her everything was going to be fine, but to be honest I don't know if everything will be ok, but I do know that the other guys are leaving for the weekend and that I would be alone with her. I want to get to know her. Like her name, and about herself. I also want to get her to eat because I know she is starving. I just hope she trust me....

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