Love Bitten ( Louis Tomlinson love story)

It is the first day of summer vacation for 17 year old Keri Brooke's. She had never had a boyfriend and never had her first kiss. One day she was taking a midnight stroll through the woods and then everything went black. She woke up in a dark room with her hands tied behind a chair, her legs were tied together, Her mouth covered with duck tape, and a bandana tied around her eyes. Her breathing started to get heavier as she started to cry. She had no idea where she was or no idea what was going to happen to her. When her kidnappers found out she was awake they ripped the duck tape off of her mouth causing her to scream. After that they took her bandana off. She seen 5 guys and one of them caught her eye. Has she fallen in love with one of her kidnappers... Will she ever escape ..... Will she find love.... You never know......


1. Unwanted Kidnapped

It was 12:00 at night and to be honest I was wide awake thanks to coffee. I decided to get some fresh air so I grabbed my sweater and walked outside. I live in a place in the middle of the woods so I took a stroll down a path. I heard a noise behind me but I figured it was just an animal or something. I kept walking inhaling and exhaling the cold air. I heard another noise but this time it was closer. I felt a shiver go down the back of my spine as if someone were behind me. I turned around but to my luck no one was there. I started to walk again. I felt someones arms slip around my waist and picked me up. I immediately started to scream but someone else duct taped my mouth. I started to kick but then I seen someone tie my legs together. My hands were loose but I knew it was useless to keep trying so I just stopped and tried to make out there faces. I seen that one had blonde hair and the other one had black but thats it. After that they threw me into the back of a van. I seen 3 boys staring at me with smirks on there faces. I wanted to punch one of them so bad but one of them put my hands behind my back and tied them together. One of them walked up to me touched my face. He had blue eyes and brown hair. I looked at him terrified and I flinched away from his touch. " Don't worry sweetheart" he said " Where not that bad" he said with a wink. He got up and sat back down. I felt tears rushing down my face causing all 3 boys to look at me. " I will take the duck tape off on one condition" a boy with brown hair and brown eyes " You don't scream" he finished. I quickly nodded my head in a yes motion and he ripped the duck tape off my mouth. It hurt a lot but I promised I wouldn't scream. " W-why a-re you doing this" I managed to spit out in sobs. " We cant tell you that, love" the kid with brown hair and blue eyes said. I gave all of them the deaf glare. " Don't look at us like that" the boy with green eyes snapped causing me to flinch again. He smirked as I felt the van stop. I seen the back of the van open as a kid with black hair and brown eyes walked up to me. He covered my mouth with a rag and my world went black.

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