Love Bitten ( Louis Tomlinson love story)

It is the first day of summer vacation for 17 year old Keri Brooke's. She had never had a boyfriend and never had her first kiss. One day she was taking a midnight stroll through the woods and then everything went black. She woke up in a dark room with her hands tied behind a chair, her legs were tied together, Her mouth covered with duck tape, and a bandana tied around her eyes. Her breathing started to get heavier as she started to cry. She had no idea where she was or no idea what was going to happen to her. When her kidnappers found out she was awake they ripped the duck tape off of her mouth causing her to scream. After that they took her bandana off. She seen 5 guys and one of them caught her eye. Has she fallen in love with one of her kidnappers... Will she ever escape ..... Will she find love.... You never know......


6. There back

I woke up to the sound of screaming down stairs. I was scared to go down there but my stupidity made me go. I slowly walked out of my bedroom and made my ways to the stairs. Once I reached the bottom I tripped causing all eyes to go on me. I quickly stood up and straitened my clothes. " I didn't say you could come down here" Zayn said. I could tell he was tense. I just stood there. " HELLO, ARE YOU NOT LISTENING" Zayn yelled causing me to step back. " I didn't m-m-ean to make y-you mad Z-zayn" I stuttered. He smirked and walked over to me. I quickly ran upstairs but he chased after me and caught me. He wrapped his hands around my waist and practically threw me down the stairs. I screamed and aced in pain as Louis ran by my side. I seen a tear escape his eye but he quickly wiped it off. " Louis whats wrong with you" Zayn said " Don't you want to be apart of the fun". He just picked me up bridal style and put me on the couch. My knee and elbow were both bleeding but luckily nothing was sprained or broken. He took a look at both of them and then ran upstairs to go get a wet rag, and bandages. The rest of them just went there separate ways and ignored everything that just happened. But Zayn decided to be a jerk and sat down on the chair next to the couch. " Louis cant protect you for long, because soon he'll be suffering to" Zayn whispered into my ear. I looked at him horrifiedly as I heard Louis walk down the stairs. " Zayn leave the girl alone already haven't you down enough damage" Louis said as he walked over to me. Before Zayn left the room he whispered something again " If you tell him, your dead". Luckily Louis didn't hear it, He just started to clean the blood and bandaged them. " Thanks for everything, you've been so nice to me" I said not trying to sound scared but it didn't work because he gave me a weird look and asked if I were okay. I just ignored the question. As he started to exit the room I told him to wait. " What" Louis said. " Uhh never mind its stupid" I said. " No, tell me" he demanded. " Fine, I wanted to know if I could sleep in your room tonight" I asked kinda embarrassed. " Umm sure but, why" He replied. " I don't know I just feel safe around you I guess" I said. He bit his lip and then said sure again. I gave him a weak smile as he returned it and walked out the room. After I lost fully sight of him my mind started racing with thought. What is Zayn going to do to him, Should I tell him, Would he believe me. I stopped my self from thinking and put my fingers through my reddish/brownish hair. What was I going to do. What was I going to do.

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