The Man in the Portrait[H.S]

Ellie's dreams seem to come true with a chance of getting accepted into the most prestigious Art Academy in the world. When she meets Harry all her perceptions of art begin to change and the line between fantasy and reality begins to fade.


1. Application

There's a fine line between fantasy and reality but for some reason it was blurred.

I hopped in the passengers seat as my mom pulled out of school.

"How was school today?" She asked

"Average, same old" I said

"Well, did you get your results back?" My mom smiled


My face grew into a huge grin.

I flashed my mom the piece of paper as she drew her face away from the road for a split second.

"Ellie that's so amazing my girl!!" She screamed

"Thanks mom, I'm actually so relieved"

"Shame darling you were stressing for ages about this, but I knew you'd pull it off!" She replied

Suddenly the drive that always felt so long went quickly and we were finally home.

I ran straight upstairs and had a shower. I put on blue sweats and my favorite P.A.A hoodie. P.A.A stands for Paris Art Academy one if the most prestigious art schools in the world, it was my dream to go there. That's why every afternoon after I finished my homework I spent hours sketching, painting, sculpting. I watched tutorials on YouTube trying to learn new techniques. My favorite channel was that of Maria Gabrielle she had such precision and passion which truly inspired me. She never went by the traditional rules and had quite unorthodox beliefs in the making of art which I found quite refreshing.

I heard footsteps leading up to my bedroom.

"Hey El, dinners ready." Smiled Leo

"Thanks, I'll be down in just a sec!" I replied

Leo was my mom's boyfriend. He's been with us since I was about eight and basically raised me. Even as a young child I could see how my father's death deeply effected my mother and how Leo brought the sparkle back into her eyes. I'm forever grateful that a man could be so loving to take us in and treat me like the daughter he never had. I used to ask him why my mom and him never had another child but he'd always just smile and say "I've already got the most amazing daughter in the world, that's all I need!"

I ran down the steps as a familiar smell flew through my nostrils.

"Mmm mom you've made my favorite!" I smiled

"Homemade tacos and chilli cheese nachos, just the way you like it!" She smiled

Leo came out from the kitchen with a bottle of champagne.

"Wow, guys what's the occasion?" I laughed

"Well our special girl has done extremely well in her art final!" Said Leo as he poured the bubbling liquid into three glasses.

"Please Ellie, sit!" my mom ushered me to a chair at the dinning room table

"Ellie we've seen how hard you've worked with your art and we're truly proud of you!" Said Leo

"Yes El, your dad would be so proud!" My mom said as she began to tear up. Leo rubbed her shoulders as he took over from my mom.

"El, we've decided to send in an application for you, for P.A.A" Leo grinned

"Oh my word, P.A.A!! Oh my word that's my dream, my dream but that's too much. It's too expensive I can't ask that from you!"

"Ellie, we want the best for you!" said Leo

"Work is going really well for me, things are picking up. We see how much you want this, you've been working so hard for this!"

I jumped up to give them a big hug.

"I really hope I get accepted!"

"You've got so much talent, they would be crazy not to see it!" said my mother once she regained herself from tears.

We sat laughing, chatting and eating till late. I knew it was a school night but we didn't care, it was times like these when I was happiest other than when I was painting.

I went to bed dreaming of my future at P.A.A and working alongside Maria Gabrielle, becoming a master of art and opening a prestigious art gallery in Paris.

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