Good Girls are Bad Girls

Sam and Jenna and 5sos are back. From She Looks So Perfect to Good Girls are Bad Girls. Now in their senior year at high school the boys cancel their shows for them but Sam and Jenna don't know that till the end. Will it cause them to break up with each other. The only way to find out is to read.


2. The Greet

Then Jenna knocks on the door. After Sam answers it Jenna runs up to Calum and leaps into his arms.

Later on Sam, Michael, Jenna, Calum, Luke, and Ashton were sitting watching a really sad movie called " If I Stay". They were all crying because it was really sad.

After the movie Michael and Sam were talking

Michael: Sam where are your parents?

Sam: my mom died of cancer when I was 4 and my dad is a full time travel agent so I'm pretty much alone

But then her dad walks in.

Sam: hi dad

Sam's dad: hi Sam

Sam: dad these are my friends Ashton Michael Luke and Calum. You also know Jenna.

Sam's dad: nice to meet you I'm Daryl.

Sam: dad my friends are staying here for a while because their tour bus broke down.

Daryl: ok. Sam we have to go to a thing this weekend.

Sam: Can they all come because if you leave them here by themselves they will probably set the house on fire?

Jenna: ya please

Daryl: ok fine just dress nicely.

Later that week Sam and everybody were getting ready for the party. Sam curled her hair. Sam then got into her dress. It was a strapless turquoise designer dress with diamonds.


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