Good Girls are Bad Girls

Sam and Jenna and 5sos are back. From She Looks So Perfect to Good Girls are Bad Girls. Now in their senior year at high school the boys cancel their shows for them but Sam and Jenna don't know that till the end. Will it cause them to break up with each other. The only way to find out is to read.


6. Telling the Truth

Sam's POV.

Jenna is here and we are waiting for the boys. Then I hear a knock on the door. I quickly answer it. And let them come in. I quickly tell Luke in our heads what I'm doing.

"Michael me and Luke have to tell you something..." I get cut off by Michael "wait why Luke?" He asks "just listen" I say "me and Luke can... Talk to each other in our minds" "what no"he says "yea we can"i say "prove it" he says "right now Sam is thinking of food because she's hungry" Luke says "he's exactly right" I say "right now Luke is thinking of me" I say "wait why you?" Michael asks "I have another thing to tell you. I still really like...

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