Good Girls are Bad Girls

Sam and Jenna and 5sos are back. From She Looks So Perfect to Good Girls are Bad Girls. Now in their senior year at high school the boys cancel their shows for them but Sam and Jenna don't know that till the end. Will it cause them to break up with each other. The only way to find out is to read.


4. In My Mind

Sam has been having thoughts.

Not just any thoughts weird thoughts.

Sam just realized she can talk to Luke in her head.

Luke can talk to Sam.

Will it ruin things between Michael and Luke.

Will it ruin things between Sam and Luke.

But most importantly

Will it ruin things between Sam and Michael.

Keep reading to find out.

Also I'm now going to start doing POVs and authors notes.

Sam's POV

We are all at the mall buying stuff for dinner tonight. Then Luke starts talking to me in our heads


"So do you wanna ditch dinner tonight and go on a date?" Luke asked

"Never in a billion years" I reply

"C'mon. You've hated me since I tied you up but you hugged me when you said goodbye" he said. Wait do I still like Luke? What if I do.

"Let's go we got everything" Michael said.

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