Aiden González knows he's good looking, knows he can get any girl he wants and knows that every guy on campus wants to be him. The rebellious teen living at an army camp for 4-19 year olds finds himself in charge of training new candidates after getting back from a three month mission and to say he's pissed off would be an understatement. That is; until he meets a certain Lexi Matthews.
Mystery by Whisper_ ©


10. Rewrite + Transfer To Wattpad

Okay, so I know that this story has been neglected majorly recently and I know have free time and a better working laptop so I will be publishing more often.

My writing style has changed dramatically since starting this story and I have decided to start rewriting it in order to make it of better quality.

This version will remain open to the public until the rewrite has overlapped with this one.

Thank you for your time,


(ALSO: I will be transferring this story over to a Wattpad account. My name on Wattpad is @TessaNowell, so be sure to go check the story out over there. I will also add in pictures on Wattpad and try and figure out a cast list if I have the time. Updates will be the same as they will be on this site.)

Again, thank you

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