Aiden González knows he's good looking, knows he can get any girl he wants and knows that every guy on campus wants to be him. The rebellious teen living at an army camp for 4-19 year olds finds himself in charge of training new candidates after getting back from a three month mission and to say he's pissed off would be an understatement. That is; until he meets a certain Lexi Matthews.
Mystery by Whisper_ ©


6. Mission Briefings


Entering the Mission Preparation room means swiping your security card and staring into a red light while the blood vessels in your retina are scanned for identification. All in all it takes less than five seconds and after the hi-tech entry you would expect flashy equipment everywhere in the control room.

If you guessed it, you're right.

There's switches and buttons everywhere with a large white table in the center of the room, eighteen chairs either side. The mission started way before my mum even got out of her basic training - yeah my parents came here. In fact everyone starting from my Great-Great-Great Grandfather has been here - some more famous than others. My mum did go on this mission when she was fourteen like I did and like my mission, it was a bust. 

Lexi's sitting next to me with her shins leaning against the table edge, her briefing on her lap and her thumb nail in her mouth. The other girl coming with us is called Charlotte, Lottie for short, and she's sat across from us bitching about her boyfriend, Andy, who's apparently being a real dick at the moment for hanging out with other girls. Lottie and I went on the mission together two years ago and she was ecstatic because she had just turned thirteen. She's pretty good looking but the amount of times she's dressed up like slutty nurses with her friends for Halloween parties means my respect for her is shrinking lower and lower.

"Oh my god Lottie shut up!" I groaned dropping my briefing in to my lap. "Yesterday he had his hand in your underwear, you weren't even wearing a shirt and you were behind the sports bunker!"

She gasped and threw her bouncy ball at me. Since my feet are propped up onto the table I simply kicked it away before it hit me, resting my feet back on the table I grinned as Lexi stifled a laugh and Lottie glared at me while slouching in her seat.

Her phone rang and she was out of the room before I could blink which made me relax surprising me because I didn't know I was tense anyway. It's still pretty awkward between us and I've spent three years trying so desperately to forget that one stupid night but with her constantly flirting with me when Andy isn't around it gets hard.

"It's kind of sad." Lexi said and I made a mistake by looking at her. Since the first time I saw those green eyes they've been in my mind whenever I try to sleep and I find myself getting lost in them every time she looks at me. The edges of the briefing folder is crinkled from where I've held onto it too tight when she moves and I get lost in thoughts about her and last night I was up for hours thinking about Lexi.

Lexi. Couldn't she have been given a really bad name like Vivien or something I mean who stays up at night thinking about someone who has a name that was designed specifically for 89 year old women? 

But no she just had to have the most amazing name I've ever heard that rings in my ears every time I hear it and it's at the point where it's painful.

"Her relationship I mean." Lexi shrugged snapping me from my thoughts of her.

"Well that's Lottie." I shrugged. "I don't know why she sticks around with Andy or why he puts up with her. Their relationship is gonna end for good soon and by then they're both gonna hate each other so much anyway."

"When did you become an expert on relationships?" I heard but I can't afford looking at those green eyes or brown hair without having the urge to kiss those gorgeous  pink lips of hers.

How can I kiss her without letting her know I like her?

I shrugged turning a page of the folder. "My mum used to say that if two people really want to be with each other they don't act like that."

"What do they act like?" She asked turning her seat a bit. I looked over my shoulder and my heart skipped a beat, my body taking control and using my feet I turned my chair to face her, keeping my feet on the table when I stopped the chair. 

"Well I don't know." I replied. "I was three and home schooled, the only couple I saw was my parents. My dad would never call mum by her first name though, it was always little nicknames or 'honey' or something like that and my mum could always get my dad laughing even when he was so pissed that he was pissed at how pissed he was."

Lexi stayed silent. I don't know if it's a trick of the light or something but when I looked at her I swear I saw something flash across her eyes. She nodded as if to encourage me but I simply shrugged again.

"I guess that's what makes me look forward to a proper relationship more." I said looking down at the folder. "The part where you don't have to say goodbye for the night. But I can't really say that right now, Lottie's jealous. It's different."

"Well she really cares about him then if she's jealous?" Lexi replied looking at her folder and flipping a page.


Lexi looked up at me and sat up properly, leaning her elbow against the table. "Girls don't get jealous over the little things and it's not being 'cute' or 'hot'."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

Lexi took a breath and scrunched her nose up cutely- no, not cutely! Stop thinking about her damn it!

She scrunched her nose up like she was thinking deeply and then lent back in her seat. "When a girl gets jealous it isn't like she's eventually gonna get over it. We tend to think the worse and it eats away at us, make us hate ourselves and wonder what we did that means we aren't good enough and why the other person had gone off with someone else. We'll stay up at night wondering what we can do and sooner or later she'll give up on you but it doesn't mean she'll stop thinking about what she did. Jealousy destroys girls too."

I nodded my head slightly. "I guess boys don't really think about it like that." I said gently. Lexi smiled when my eyes met hers and I went to say something when the door swung open and my mission controller, Ewart, walked in the door with Lottie trailing on his heels.

"All briefed?" Ewart asked slapping my hand against his when he walked behind my chair. 

"Yep." I said popping the 'p' and throwing my briefing folder into the middle of the table. They're not allowed to be taken out of this room and they've got tags on them to track them if they go missing.

"Wait." Lexi said looking at a page.

"What?" Ewart said reading over his shoulder. Both of them finished at the same time and looked at each other before looking at me.

"What?" I asked.

"You're not blonde anymore." Ewart said my eyes widened when I caught on. 

I am not dying my hair!


"Are you done yet?" I whined squeezing my eyes shut. I'm sat on Lexi's bed with her sitting on her knees behind me, rubbing a towel through my hair. Ewart offered to dye my hair; Lottie offered to dye my hair and I refused. It wasn't until Lexi showed me a picture where all I have to do is dye the top half and I found out Lexi could do it that I let her drag me by the hand to her room with the bottle of hair dye that Lottie gave Lexi in my coat pocket. 

"Wait." She said throwing the towel somewhere and brushing her fingers through my hair so it's going to the side. My breath was lodged in my throat but if Lexi heard she didn't comment. I relaxed under her touch when she lent forward a bit so her legs are leaning against my back with her pinkie finger running against my forehead every time her other four fingers brushed my hair sideways.

"I didn't know you were a blonde before." Lexi said.

"I was born with black hair." I replied. "Then when I got older I was in hot countries a lot for missions so the sun bleached it. Since being in England it's gotten darker until it turned brown but when I went on this mission last time I was blonde."

I think she nodded but silence fell in which time I let my mind drift away and think about Lexi.

"There." She said happily. The bed didn't even move when she jumped off but the loss of warmth signaled that she's gone. "You can open your eyes now."

Lexi had propped the mirror from the bathroom onto her dressing table so when I did open my eyes I saw my lips part. "Anyone would think your a professional." Was all I could say. 

It's not really a blonde colour, more of a hazel/yellow mix and it sounds terrible but she's made it look amazing. 

"God now your ego is just gonna get bigger!" Lexi teased taking the mirror back into the bathroom. I threw myself back on the bed and wiggled around until I got comfortable. When I stopped I heard the water running in the bathroom for a couple seconds and then Lexi came back wiping her hands on a small hand towel before throwing it into the laundry basket.

"Are you gonna lie there all day or?" Lexi trailed off with an amused smile on her face. 

"Yes." I mumbled into her duvet. It smells like her, I noticed when I buried my face into the white sheets. 

I yawned just as she sat down on the bed beside my head. Peeking my eyes out from behind the duvet I saw she had her phone in her hands and was aiming it at me. I squeezed my eyes shut and stuck my tongue out at her making her laugh as the flash went off. 

I yawned again and put my head back down. I'm too tired to even freak out inside that I've ended up with my head on Lexi's thigh because just as she laid back, her head on my thigh, I fell asleep.

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