Aiden González knows he's good looking, knows he can get any girl he wants and knows that every guy on campus wants to be him. The rebellious teen living at an army camp for 4-19 year olds finds himself in charge of training new candidates after getting back from a three month mission and to say he's pissed off would be an understatement. That is; until he meets a certain Lexi Matthews.
Mystery by Whisper_ ©


7. Jacked Up


Wednesday came far too quickly. I spent days with the girls in lessons and around the campus. Nights I would be in the dojo with Ewart and then any free time I had between them I would be doing last minute briefings with Lottie. Whenever I have free periods or a gap between classes that's longer than an hour Aiden and I would hang out and just mess around.

Tuesday I was excused from lessons and I packed which took fifty minutes and then slept. At one point Aiden came into my room but I was sleeping so he decided the best thing to do was lie down across my bed by the foot board and go to sleep as well.

Now though we're in the rental car somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I know we're still in England because we haven't crossed any borders or taken a boat, plane, train etc.

Lottie's sitting beside me in the back, Ewart's in the passenger seat with a portable laptop double checking emails about the mission and Aiden's in the drivers seat. We're going to Brocksdown Boarding School for Troubled and Gifted Students. Forty or so years ago C.S.A.T.S put undercover agents inside the building. They dug out some files containing countless crime cases but all of them had to do with the Nazi party back in World War 2. Ever since agents have been going in and out and every time they found things that didn't make sense. In the end the mission was called off until a dramatic drop went in their student program. Some kids turned up at the police station selling the cops information and told them about how the 'gifted' students would disappear for a week at a time. Every time they came back they would be a lot smarter than they left and not like they had studied 24/7.

As if they had been brainwashed.

The last two times this mission was carried out it's been a bust and this time if we fail they're shutting the case down for good. Lottie's posing as the gifted student seeing as she has an photographic memory like Aiden but he suits the troubled category better. I'm posing as a troubled student too so that if the brainwashing rumor is true there will be two agents to try and fix the situation until back up comes.

We're all dressed for the part. Lottie's wearing a modest outfit, a pressed skirt with a button up shirt and a woolly jumper. Her contacts are in the bin and she's being forced to wear her actual glasses with her hair pulled into a tight ponytail. Aiden was put into black jeans, a white tank top showing his tattoos clearly and he's even been given tons of cigarettes to keep the act up. His high tops came from his own suitcase along with his sunglasses and beanie.

Whilst Lottie is Aiden's 'sister' I am acting as his girlfriend and even the thought makes me nervous yet excited at the same time. Defying pretty much any dress code they might possibly have there I'm sitting in the back of the car wearing ripped denim shorts, the button purposely left undone with a top on that's pretty much a sports bra - it isn't, the stylists got a bit pissed when we all asked why I was going to be walking around in a sports bra. To top the look off the stylists gave me black combat shoes on with the laces undone, they twisted my hair into bun and given me sunglasses that are hanging out of my pockets. 

Before we got in the car Aiden looked me up and down and then gave me his flannel shirt that he's supposed to be wearing. I had hid the blush when he grinned and kissed my cheek before walking away like nothing happened before getting in the car. 

"Ready?" Ewart asked straightening his own outfit, jeans and a button up shirt. Aiden pulled up outside the school building where you can tell that the gifted and troubled just don't get along. There's a group of guys leaning against the windows smoking wearing ripped clothes, most of them sporting bruises from fights and then on the other side of the car - sitting on the grass with open books and scribbling pencils - sit some of the gifted in pristine uniform.

Both groups looked up as Aiden got out the car, everyone's eyes on him. The past two weeks I've gotten used to the way that everyone's eyes slid from the person he's walking with to him. He made a big point - like advised - in getting out the car as if he's a supermodel and then taking off his beanie, shaking a hand through his already messy hair and chucking the beanie into the car. All the while a cigarette hanging on between his index and middle finger. He took a puff and then threw the rest in the floor, grinding it under his foot as he turned his head to smirk at me when I shut the door behind me.

I felt eyes on me but I ignored as Aiden wrapped his hand round my back, pretty close to my butt, and pretended to whisper in my eye. I shoved him away and then smirked as he pulled me back in, planting a kiss on my shoulder making me shiver only slightly. 

This the whole point of us arriving now, to put on a show when everyone has a break during lessons. Lottie (or should I say Maidson) has already smiled and waved at the gifted who smiled back and waved just as enthusiastically. 

"God you're such a nerd." Aiden (or Caden) muttered as Lottie made her way towards us. She feigned upset as I pinched Aiden's hip.

"Leave her alone." I said. "She's just as jacked up as you."

Aiden's jaw set teasingly, his hand still on my waist, as the boys smoking behind us laughed at my comment. Lottie spun her heel and followed Ewart inside. I lent against the car and Aiden turned towards me, pressing his body against mine and putting his hands against the car caging me. The proximity between us is making me go crazy but I followed along with Aiden when he ducked his head down and started kissing my jaw. I slid my hands under his shirt, my heart skipping when my fingers came into contact with that wonderful eight pack of his and my stomach flipped when Aiden sucked in a very audible breath that he couldn't have possibly faked because his chest is heaving now and this is actually his reaction to me being this close to me.

"Lex." He growled in my ear and for a second I forgot that we've literally just started the mission because I just want to kiss him so badly. We both ignored the cat calls, the hollers and the 'get in there!'s from the guys lining the wall and my fingers carried on exploring Aiden's rippled chest as he closed his eyes and lent his forehead against mine.

Ewart reappeared less than two minutes later, a mix of relief and disappointment washed across Aiden's face. "Caden, Isabella, could you at least wait until you're not in public?" Ewart said sternly from the top of the stairs. 

I smirked, an actual smirk not a fake one, as I slipped out of Aiden's grasp and jogged up the stairs. "You always gotta ruin the mood huh Dad?" Aiden muttered, passing a group of girls who are dressed like they might as well be going to the beach, their clothes reassemble bikinis. Ewart has a hold of Aiden's elbow, dragging him towards the Head's room but it didn't stop Aiden from gripping my waist again and pressing me against his side, his hand extremely close to my bum.

I felt the glares the girls were throwing me and I saw them for a split second when I was pulled into the Head's room. It took five minutes for introductions and then when we were offered a seat Ewart discreetly pushed me into Aiden's lap. I wrapped an arm round his neck and he put his lips back to my collarbone. With my heart hammering, the sound ringing in my ears, I can barely hear the Head talking about dorm arrangements. He must be used to this because he didn't even blink.

Ewart was shocked when he found out that Aiden and I (well Isabella and Caden) would be sharing a room to save the sneaking around but it caught Aiden's interest and he grinned widely at Ewart. Lottie was talking in rapid paces with him when Aiden zoned out again. He closed his eyes and lent his forehead against my shoulder, groaning softly - only enough for me to hear - when I ran my fingers through his dyed hair.

"God you're gonna be the death of me." He whispered in my ear making me smile. 


"This school is more jacked up then I remember." Aiden rolled his eyes flicking his cigarette out the window and shutting it after him. The rooms aren't shabby I'll give them that, then again I expected something like this from a school that's pretty much built like Hogwarts. 

There's a large queen sized bed which I've currently stretched my self out on, a large plasma screen, two large desks and built in wardrobe, an en suite and anything else we could possibly want including our fridge stashed in the corner. 

"Is it?" I asked absent mindly and I feel half bad for not really paying attention. I've got my sketchbook on my lap, my back against the headboard and a pillow tucked under my knees so I've been lost in my drawing since we got in. Lottie's a couple doors down so if anything happens and we find out something we won't have to worry about searching for her room halfway across the building.

"Yep, there's a couple having dry sex in the middle of the field." Aiden said disgust dripping from his voice as he plopped down beside me. I took a deep breath when he put his cheek against my shoulder, looking down at my artwork. I had started drawing the window he was just sat at before he even started smoking but he's managed to be woven into the drawing too. 

"Whoa." He whispered. "This is amazing Matthews!"

"Thanks." I mumbled, my lips scraping against his hair.

He watched in silence as I carried on sketching the bricks on the wall and the window panes until I was done and he got out his phone. He snapped a picture and then flipped over so his forehead is pressed against my chin. I dropped my art stuff onto the floor; kicked the pillow away and spun the top of his tee shirt in my fingers, my fingers laying against the back of Aiden's neck.

"When do we start searching?" I asked.

"Not for a couple days." Aiden said quietly, his voice heavy with longing sleep. "They all have a trip to town on Sunday so we can stay here and start then but we need to act like them to gain their trust first. Ewart said for Lottie to work with becoming friends with the gifted which she's working on now, you need to attract the guys attention-" I swear I felt him tense. "-which you've already done and I've just got to act like I don't give a shit."

"So you need to be you?" I teased and he gave me a mocking look.

"Funny." He mumbled sitting up. I expected him to stand up but to my surprise he kicked off his shoes and brought his tank top over his head, the tattoo on his back moving with his actions. He laid down again and I took the chance to get up. He watched my every move, from picking up my bag and then locking the bathroom door after me. I gripped the sink and let myself breath heavily for a minute or two, letting everything sink in. 

Okay so I've been up close and pretty personal with the boy I've been losing sleep over, this is my first mission and I'm already losing my sanity. It's bad enough that the extremely attractive god is lying shirtless on the bed behind this door but I have to sleep in the same bed as him until the mission is over and pretend to be his girlfriend all while keeping my cool.

Yeah, easy...


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