Aiden González knows he's good looking, knows he can get any girl he wants and knows that every guy on campus wants to be him. The rebellious teen living at an army camp for 4-19 year olds finds himself in charge of training new candidates after getting back from a three month mission and to say he's pissed off would be an understatement. That is; until he meets a certain Lexi Matthews.
Mystery by Whisper_ ©


1. Aiden González


I let the intense wave of stress flood away from me as I reached the middle of my cigarette; drawing out the smoke from my mouth, I lent back against the training center - stuffing my free hand into my pocket as I did so. I just got back from a three month mission - a three month successful mission and I think I deserve the day off but people have planned otherwise.

Manager of the camp and my uncle, Peter González, has been given a three page list of new candidates; meaning that instead of going to school, my mates and I are tending to training them and showing them round campus. So that's how I ended up wearing the camo khaki trousers, a black tee shirt at the camo jacket left unbuttoned. My feet sting from the tight black boots that aren't even tied yet but since I'm not used to wearing them they will do.

I'm only sixteen, I know to young to be smoking, but we're all encouraged to smoke here if you're a guy. It's kind of like an athlete taking a drug before their event, it gets them pumped and alert. Also smoking helps sort out the strong from the weak. The weak get ill from the cigarette within three weeks, the stronger ones can keep going for years. Our cigarettes have been tampered with to keep us from getting heartburn, but it won't stop us from throwing up at times.

We don't drink or do drugs though, in fact when we go out on missions we stay clear of that crap. It fucks us all up, mentally, stably and emotionally. We don't need that.

"Aiden!" I opened my eyes and grinned as I saw one of my best mates, Marcus, jogging over wearing the same trousers as me but a grey tee shirt. We have a system here: orange for visitors, red or kids under ten and not in basic training yet, blue for those undergoing training, grey for those who have passed training and are undertaking missions now and then black; those who have gotten at least two outstanding performances in their missions. White is for staff and then brown is for retired or dispatched recruits, who tend to visit from time to time. The only person on campus with a black tee shirt is my best mate, Drew. We're not the oldest on campus, which really pisses off the older kids 'cause Drew and I have black shirts before them.

"Alright Marc?" I fist pumped him as he caught up with me, the rest of our 'group' rounding the corner.

"Dying for one." Marcus said nodding towards the cigarette hanging loosely from the corner of my mouth. I took a puff, blowing the smoke up in the air while taking out my pack and flicking it open, letting Marcus take out one and light it.

"What happened to yours?" I asked pocketing the pack once again.

"Those dicks" He indicated towards the other seven of our group (Louis, Lewis, Caleb, Joe, Brad, Carter and Caiden) before continuing "used 'em up just now. Need to get my spare from my bed but Drew should be here soon with the new lot."

Almost as if scripted Drew came round the corner, talking to a group of twelve girls all wearing camo trousers and blue shirts, numbers 1 to 12 printed on the front above the hem of the shirt. I blew out more smoke from my mouth when Drew reached us and slapped my shoulder, stealing my packet of cigarettes and lighting one up with my red lighter.

Caleb started with the introductions, all of the rest saying 'hi' when Caleb indicated towards them whilst I just nodded at them, crushing my now useless cigarette under my boot, blowing the last bits of smoke from my mouth.

"Ladies." I said with a wink making a few of them blush and look down. I smirked and shook my head, following Lewis into the training center. I'm not a player, in fact the last relationship I was in I was 12 but it didn't count because I didn't know the girl and I were dating until three months later when she 'broke up' with me. So yeah, I've never been in a proper relationship that doesn't involve missions.

I sat myself on a pile of mats around waist height whilst the girls were all put into a straight line in the center of the room. My eyes scanned the ground, a couple girls looking away from my gaze quickly but the blush on their cheeks suggest they were probably staring.

My eyes stopped moving though when they reached number 10. Unlike the others she's not drawing attention to herself by standing in a certain way, she's not got her hair done like she's on the red carpet (a simple ponytail in fact) and she looks in shape. Like she's played a sport before or just kept doing exercise. Not the type of exercises that the other girls' bodies indicate.

"So since we've already introduced ourselves," Louis said, gathering everyone's attention except my own. My gaze still focused on number 10 who's cheeks flushed slightly when her eyes flickered to meet mine briefly. "we're gonna get started right away. There's twelve of you, ten of us so while we work with ten of you, the other two will partner up and work together."

Louis nodded over to me and I took over, peeling my eyes away from the brunette. "Training lasts six days, ten hours a day. On the seventh day you will be individually assessed by Coach Barns. Five of you will make it through, the other seven will be given one more chance but with new coaches, stricter coaches so if I were you I would be in the top five." Some started turning to the girls either side of them and whispering, my eyes went back to 10 who had looked at me now, sparkling green eyes widened slightly; like she's trying to absorb everything. "In the mean time you'll be working with us, days 1 to 5 will include genuine fitness skills, basic survival techniques and then any weaknesses you may have we will overcome them... hopefully. Late on the fifth day we'll be put out in the woods somewhere, we have the night to find shelter and organize a plan before splitting up with our partners and spending day six coming back here. Any questions?"

No one raised their hands, number 10 looked at the girl next to her who raised an eyebrow, in exasperation or dismay probably.

"Bearing in mind you can back out now." I shrugged leaning back and flicking the mat.

Again no one moved so it was Joe who did. He pointed at number 1, motioned to follow him and then went out the back door. The other lot did that before it was numbers 10, 11 and 12 left looking at me.

"11." I said and the girl perked up, her smile faltering quickly afterwards. "Pair up with 12. 10, you're with me. Let's go."

I hopped off the mat and let her go first, catching the name off her dog tag quickly. Lexi Matthews.

I placed my hand on Lexi's back and ducked my head down to her ear.

"Let's hope we'll be seeing more of each other next week," I paused. "Matthews."

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