The Music of Nature

I'm the kind of person who values natural sounds. I don't know why, but after listening to the music a bit, my head starts to hurt, and I become irritated. I wonder how some people listen to it all day long... :D


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Many people say

                they love music.

It is important,

                an integral part.

They walk along the streets,

                turning their players on,

wearing earphones

                and listening to it all day long.


They go to work.

They meet with friends.

They sit at home,

And go to school.

At shops, at cafés,

Parks and beaches

They listen to the music.



I tell you


Take off

                your earphones.


                your eyes

And listen





Do you hear it?




“What?” you ask.


The sounds

                you couldn't hear before:

Urban noise and

                people talking.

The sound of waves

                and cries of seagulls.

Dogs’ barks,

                cats’ purrs

and children laughing...

And there is much much more.


Listen -

this is the music

                of nature.

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