Ghostly Happenings Unlocked

Cool cover credit goes to @[QueenWild]


It was heavy, I thought, heavier than it should have been, it was only a key after all, but as I looked down , I realised that the estate agent had just dropped ,what looked to be, an intricately decorated Victorian-style key, into my hand.
“that keys a bit strange, isn’t it ? for such a modern cottage? I enquired. I had seen inside the cottage three days previously and had thought that u would be the perfect home for me, since I had had to move out of the flat Tasha and I had shared because it had reminded me of her too much.
“Yes, the estate agent agreed, whenever they try to make a copy of the key with a more fitting design, it disappears, and one like that re-appears in its place. I don’t know what you’ll do with all five of them, anyway , I’ll leave you to settle in.” and he passed me a heavy plush bag, obviously containing the other four identical keys. I decided to use the first key I had got so I unlocked the door and went in


6. Epilogue

Tasha O’Hara was the last of a very powerful family. They had owned a Victorian mansion in the middle of Devon. This mansion was then knocked down and re-built as a cottage and taken by inheritance by Tasha’s mother after her father died. This was rightfully Tasha’s, as said in her father’s Will. When her mother died, Tasha found the will her mother had hidden and she realised her mother had sold the cottage. She set out to make it her own. She killed the owner and his wife, and it was sold at auction to Nancy Jones, her alias. Then she met Robert and updated her Will saying that if she died, the cottage would be his but this should happen without his knowledge. She died two years later from a car crash, she was on the phone to Robert at the time.

Robert thought the keys made strange things happen in the cottage but really it was Tasha’s Ghost.




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