Ghostly Happenings Unlocked

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It was heavy, I thought, heavier than it should have been, it was only a key after all, but as I looked down , I realised that the estate agent had just dropped ,what looked to be, an intricately decorated Victorian-style key, into my hand.
“that keys a bit strange, isn’t it ? for such a modern cottage? I enquired. I had seen inside the cottage three days previously and had thought that u would be the perfect home for me, since I had had to move out of the flat Tasha and I had shared because it had reminded me of her too much.
“Yes, the estate agent agreed, whenever they try to make a copy of the key with a more fitting design, it disappears, and one like that re-appears in its place. I don’t know what you’ll do with all five of them, anyway , I’ll leave you to settle in.” and he passed me a heavy plush bag, obviously containing the other four identical keys. I decided to use the first key I had got so I unlocked the door and went in


4. chapter 4

But in ten minutes it hadn’t recovered.

 And it hadn’t recovered in fifteen minutes either.

Or twenty,

Or half an hour.

Robert decided to go for a walk in the park. He chose a key out of the the plush bag, stuffed the last one in his pocket, locked the door with the third key and set out.

Once he came to the park he saw a golden Labrador that bounded up to him happily.

Aww, cute dog, he thought to himself. He looked around for the owner, where were they?

There was no-one in sight.

A blond haired woman poked her head round the side of a hedge, Robert spotted her .

“Oh my goodness! ,” exclaimed the unknown woman “Thankyou so much, you’ve found my dog, I’ve been looking everywhere.”

“It’s no problem,” answered Robert as he stepped back, for the woman had just hugged him, and he felt this a bit over-familiar.

The woman introduced herself “I’m Tara,” she said flirtatiously, flicking her long blond hair over her shoulder.”and this is Cara, the little cheeky puppy!” said Tara to Cara,tapping her on the nose, as if telling her off.

To Robert, Cara seemed neither little or a puppy,she was quite a chunky Labrador, but he smiled politely and replied”Well,I’d better be off then.”

“Wait, how can I repay you?” Said Tara “You found my darling doggie, apparently there are travellers around too, they often steal dogs!”

“Don’t worry, its fine!” Robert said. Tara was overeacting a bit, but there again, he did need someone to take his mind off Tasha and having a new girlfriend couldn’t hurt, could it?

“why don’t you come over to mine for dinner, I can do lasagne? Said Tara

“well…” Robert pondered, he didn’t really like lasagne and it would probably be out of a packet.

“Would you like to come to mine? He said, “I cook a mean spaghetti carbonara?”

Obviously delighted at the offer, Tara exclaimed”Ooh, how sweet of you to offer to cook for a lady, and if you’re sure, of course I’ll join you! Unless… you already have company?

“Nope,”  Robert said, ”Just me, and please do join me , I’d love that.”

 So they walked down the road to his cottage and on the way he introduced himself as Robert, unfortunately she decided to call him Bobby. This act of presumption irritated him to the point of desperation.


quick authors note... hi. if there is actually anyone reading this movella, which I don't think there is, can you please comment and say you like it if you do and you want me to write more if you do because atm I don't see the point of coming on here to publish a chapter that no-one will read...

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