Ghostly Happenings Unlocked

Cool cover credit goes to @[QueenWild]


It was heavy, I thought, heavier than it should have been, it was only a key after all, but as I looked down , I realised that the estate agent had just dropped ,what looked to be, an intricately decorated Victorian-style key, into my hand.
“that keys a bit strange, isn’t it ? for such a modern cottage? I enquired. I had seen inside the cottage three days previously and had thought that u would be the perfect home for me, since I had had to move out of the flat Tasha and I had shared because it had reminded me of her too much.
“Yes, the estate agent agreed, whenever they try to make a copy of the key with a more fitting design, it disappears, and one like that re-appears in its place. I don’t know what you’ll do with all five of them, anyway , I’ll leave you to settle in.” and he passed me a heavy plush bag, obviously containing the other four identical keys. I decided to use the first key I had got so I unlocked the door and went in


3. chapter 3


“So whats happening to the lights” the man from the electricity company asked, for the second time.

“The lights are flickering on and off” Robert huffed, somewhat impatiently. “Do you think theres been a power leakage?” questioned the (useless) electricity man.

“WELL YOU’RE THE ELECTRICITY SPECIALIST!” shouted Robert down the telephone

“ Please hold the line,” said a mechanical lady’s voice

“Oh for crying out loud!” Cursed Robert while classical music played , and he slammed down the receiver.

While trying to ignore the lights flickering, he grabbed his newspaper and flopped down onto his sofa when the phone rang.

Uggh, thought Robert , but I’ve just sat down!

“Hello,” said a lady’s voice, I’m from you’re electricity supplier.”

“Yes,” said Robert.”Have you figured out what’s going on with my lights?”

“I think so, We think it’s just a temporary malfuntion , it should recover itself in ten minutes.

authors note

Hi guys, this is actually my first original so please, please, please leave some comments about how I can improve, what you liked or didn't like and what you expect to happen. It would mean a lot to me. Also, I would appreciate it if you would like, or even favourite my movella. I would be over the moon if you did, and I know the story is crap so theres loads to improve on so maybe someone would like to perhaps do a review and if you do I'll defently fan you.   Thanks for reading my movella, hope you enjoyed it :-)    

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