After a baseball game were Kayla had to play, she met the band that she hated most, one direction. She soon met Niall and found true love besides baseball. But soon she gets sold to a different team and have to play around the world and may never see Niall again.



Kayla's P.O.V.

I was ready to hit the baseball. The pitcher pitched the baseball, so fast. I swung and missed. "STRIKE ONE!" the umpire yelled. The back catcher threw it back to the pitcher. She pitched again, even faster this time. I swung and missed again. "STRIKE TWO!" the umpire yelled even louder this time. "COME ON KAYLA!! HIT ME HOME!!" my best friend Ashley shouted all the way from 3rd base. "Come on Kayla, you got this just relax." I thought to myself. I took a deep breath and got ready to hit it this time. The pitcher pitched the baseball the fastest I seen it yet. I swung so hard, it felt like my arm was going to come off. I started to run as fast as my legs would. I made it to 1st, then second, by the time I got to 3rd base it was in the in field, and I ran to home plate it got there before I did so I started to run back to third. The back catcher threw to third and I started to run home again. Before I knew it I was running back and fourth, from home to 3rd, 3rd to home, until finally I decided to play a little trick.


I pretended to run back to third base. I acted like I was going to turn, then the back catcher threw it third base, and I headed to home. The third baseman caught the ball and whipped the ball to home plate. I had to slide and when I did a cloud of dust came. It was quiet, but only for a few seconds. Then dust cloud cleared. "SAFE!" the umpire yelled. The crowd went wild. My team mates ran to me and gave big hugs and hive-fives.


The game was over and we won from 23-20. And this is when the game went down hill, the band I hate most came on the field...ONE DIRECTION!! Their basically the only thing that my friends talk about. We had to go out their and shake their hands and take a picture with them. The reason why their her is because our manager Lily Waters (I know weird name) hired them to play after the game so we get more fans. So I took out my pony tail really quick and I ended up being the last person to shake their hands. So I was shakeing their hands until I got to the Blondie with the blue eye's. He got stuck staring at me, and his grip on my hand got a little tighter.

"Hi. I'm Niall." he said

"Uh...hi, can u let go of my hand now." I said, sounding annoyed.

He then let go of my hand, and I kept on walking, and pulled my hair onto one of my shoulder's.

Niall's P.O.V.

We were standing under the bleacher's making sure no one would see us. We were watching the game from a small t.v. near by. Then I saw a girl at home plate batting, she had two strikes. Then she finally hit it. I was watching as she ran all the base's, until she got to 3rd. She started to run back and fourth between home plate and third base. She pulled a little trick and made it home. But I think she slid home plate. There was a dust cloud hiding home plate, there was silence for a few moments, until the cloud of dust disappeared, and I heard someone yell "SAFE!" it was the umpire. Her team mates came and started to cheer. The crowd went wild. That's when we had to come out and shake their hands.


We came out from under the bleachers and the crowd went even more crazy. I was waving to the crowd, when I saw the girl. She took her pony tail out and ended up being the last person to shake our hands. When she finally got to me, my heart skipped a beat, she was so beautiful, long brown hair, brown eye's. "Hi, I'm Niall." I introduced myself. "Uh...hi, can you let go of my hand now." She said, sounding a bit of annoyed. That's when I realised my grip got a little tighter when I was shaking her hand, so I let go. She then walked away, and I couldn't help but star at her. She put her hair to one of her shoulder's, and I saw her name on the back of her jersey, her name was Kayla.


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