Heartache on the big screen


4. chapter 4

Charlotte's POV:

I was walking down the corridor and then I saw that boyfriend stealing bitch Alyssa "look girls it's the emo freak" I said pointing Alyssa out to my BFFLS Chloe and Zoey. She stole Ashton from me and she has him wrapped around her finger (Haha 5sos puns).

Michael POV:

I saw Alexis stand up to Charlotte I thought it was super hot I knew she was meant for me "hey Alexis would you like to uh.. Maybe go out with me?" I hope she says yes I would die inside if she says no "uh..um I uh... I guess so I think that would be cool." Did she say yes I think that was a yes "so was that a yes?" Oh my god I think that made me sound clingy "yes it is a yes" YES SHE SAID YES ok play it cool Michael play it cool "ok that's legit I'll see you this Friday at 8 then" ok she is going out with me "yeah Friday at 8 is good see you then" oh my god she is so cute when she just casually walks away uhh I can't wait until Friday.

A/N: oh my god thank u so much for over 600 reads I will update soon ily guys so much thank u for reading my fanfic 😘

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