Heartache on the big screen


3. chapter 3

Alexis's POV:

After I heard that girl call Alyssa an emo freak I lost it I got pissed no body talks to my friends that way "listen here you no good son of a bitch you are a slutty bastard with no life and a retard as a boyfriend and just because your life sucks balls doesn't mean you can fucking pick on my friends!" Oh my god what did I just do oh my god "why w-w-would y-you do t-that" she said sobbing and she ran of with her friends. Why did I do that I'm known as the good nice girl "wow sis that was fucking awesome!" Omg Luke thought it was cool wow my own brother thinks what I just did was cool wow that's a first "huh, Luke says your a good girl I don't believe that one bit!" Oh my fucking god did Michael really just say that.

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