Heartache on the big screen


2. chapter 2

Alyssa's POV:

Alexis seemed very nice I think I should tell her that Michael likes her nah he would hate me forever what would really suck for him is if she doesn't like him that way back I would feel so bad for him. I saw this guy walk up to Alexis and he started hugging her .I know we just became friends but I'm the protective type no matter how long I have known then I will always protect them.

"HEY, who are you!"I said going up to Alexis and that guy I'm hoping they aren't together that would break Michael's heart and I have known him my whole life and when he is sad he starts crying in his room and he would sit there for days playing video games and listening to sad music. "oh, Alyssa this my friend Dylan" ok who the hell is Dylan they better be just friends if he is dating her I will thump his ass because Michael is like my brother and I stick up for him even though he is a year older and I'm just 16 "hi Alyssa nice too meet you" that boy better not be dating Alexis I am really hoping he is gay or something like that.

"Are you dating Alexis?" I asked him raising one eyebrow "oh good heavens no I'm actually....gay so"Dylan looked at me like he was disappointed. I knew he was gay I just knew it. I have seen him around Melrose before but I never talked to him I only talk to a few people and I inly have 2 friends if you don't count my brother and his friends oh and Mali too (my sister). "Ew look girls it's the emo freak" Charlotte said pointing at me while standing next to her little minions Chloe and Zoey they are such pests.

Let me tell you a bit about Charlotte she is Ashton's ex girlfriend and she totally hates me because I'm dating him and she always spreads rumours about me but my friends and I know they aren't true. I honestly don't know why she broke up with him for this stupid dumb jock with no brain at all what so ever and she is only dating Jason (the dumb jock) to make Ashton jealous and if she hasn't noticed it's not quite working out for her. "You do realise that you calling her an emo freak just makes you look like even more of a bitch than you already are" Ashton said coming by my side to to put his arm around "perfect timing babe" I whispered to him and then kissed him just to rub it in Charlotte's pretty little face and I knew she would get furious and angry because she still had feelings for him and Alexis started going all out on Charlotte and I heard her screaming something but I'm not sure what though because she said it while I was kidding Ashton.

(A/n) hey I know how I involved Dylan being gay I hope that doesn't offend anyone and I hope you are likening my fan fiction comment and tell me what you think about it.

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