Heartache on the big screen


1. chapter 1

Alexis's POV:

Today was my first day at Melrose High after I moved to Sydney, Australia a few weeks ago and so far I have met a really nice boy named Dylan I met him at the mall while I was shopping we have been hanging out ever since I moved here I hope I meet some new friends.

When I finally arrived at Melrose I got out of the car with my brother he has already met some people I have sort of gotten to know them a bit and I kind of have a crush named Michael he came over a few times and the first time I saw him I thought he was super hot. "Hey Alexis come over here and say hi to the boys!" Luke (my brother) yelled at me when he was literally 6 feet away from me. I went over to say hi and all of them waved but Michael he just waved and pulled me into a hug. I wonder why he did that maybe he likes me, nah probably not.

"Hey Lex how have you been I haven't seen you in a few days" he said while he was STILL hugging me. "Ok Michael let go of my sister she needs to get to class" Luke said making Michael let go of me thank god he's here "aw you suck" Michael said to Luke sticking his bottom lip out and pouting.

As I was walking to class I saw this girl she was down the hall on her phone and then she ran into me just great and I got my coffee all over my shirt "oh shit I'm so sorry" she said to me trying to clean my shirt with some tissues she had in her bag "no worries I didn't like this shirt anyways" I said trying to make her not feel bad thank god it was iced coffee " I'm Alyssa I haven't seen you around here before I'm guessing your new?" She said putting her hand out for me to shake it "I'm Alexis and yes I'm new" I said shaking her hand her hands were so cold she had a very edgy skater girl style I can tell were gonna be friends. " wait are you Alexis Hemmings?" Ok how does she know my last name "I'm Calum's sister your brother is Luke right?" Ok she knows my brother and my brother must know her since he knows Calum "yeah I am Luke's sister" I said very proud for some reason "hey sis who's your friend?" Calum came up behind Alyssa and hugged her "oh cal-pal this is Luke's sister Alexis" she said pointing me out for um cal-pal "oh I didn't recognise you with the coffee stains on your shirt" I was wearing a white shirt with coffee stains on it just great. "There you are I was looking all over for you come on let's get to class" Michael said running up behind me and picking me up bridal style while carrying me to class we both had science together.

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