Ana's Lullaby

A poem delving into the mind of Ana (anorexia) someone dealing with an eating disorder. Poetry competition entry.


1. Ana's Lullaby


Don’t cry,

Listen to this lullaby.

Ana takes care.

She speaks her mind,

And when you’re bare,

She knows what you’ll find.

Maximised thighs,

Chin after chin.

A stomach that overflows.

You’ve committed a sin,

Eating at your every low.

Ana says stop.

You’re fat,

Eat less,

All of this is your mess.

Think thin,

Thin is beauty,

It makes you feel happy within.

Drop that food,

You’ll drop a size.

Don’t get me started,

This comes with a prize.

Go hungry to bed,

And hungry to rise.

Inches you’ll drop from your waistline.

Don’t you worry dear,

Ana’s got you.

She is right here,



There is nothing to fear.


Don’t cry,

Guess who's singing this lullaby?


- J.K. Panesar

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