Coalesced Silence *YouTube Song Version*

freedom doesn't really exit, when you get killed for what you think or say. Many dies today, just cause they do believe of something or discovered it, and then one day you get killed accidentally...
They said it was accident, but we all know better than that.
*For the competition*


1. Coalesced Silence (YouTube)


Words were written/
Yet not spoken/
They might be countless as seconds/
Yet amalgated into silence/

A bullet through the mind/
Was enough to ambush what's right/
Solidify words to swords in this fight/
push through  them like it's your last night/

Caged like a cattle/
In a world that is a battle/
Every thought will cause you to shatter/
Where freedom doesn't matter/

A world where your lips are zipped/
Pushing you aside to sink/
In this world that is in the brink/
Of failure that is not linked/
        Or that's what they want us to
                          think...             (X2)

right now...

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