Halloween 9: He Never Dies

A new family buys the Myers home. Not at any chance are they aware that this home might be at least a little dangerous. And when Michael returns to his childhood home, nobody is safe.
I am sorry about this being rated R.


5. The Big Jump

"God, I am calling the police." Mom hurried upstairs to find a telephone. 

"Sorry, Dr. Loomis." I had tears in my eyes. "I forgot to tell you my name."

"Well... What is it?" He held up my face.

"Samantha." I smiled. "And my Mom's name is Laurie."

"Oh, what a beautiful name." Loomis smiled back at me. "I knew a Laurie, once."

Dr. Loomis had me sit on the his couch, and brought his journal back. Pointing to a picture of a teen. I knew that she wasn't Judith, but she did look somewhat like her. 

"That's her?" I grabbed a tissue from a tissue box that was next to me. 

"Yes." Dr. Loomis was almost crying too. "Laurie was Michael's little sister, she was adopted after Judith's death when she was a baby."

Mom came running down the stairs.

"They are on there way!" She screamed.

"Great." Loomis said.

But in about 2 minutes there was banging on the door. I knew it wasn't the police. But my mother thought it was. I tried to push my mother away, but she wouldn't listen to me. That was the moment she opened the door.

I started running up the stairs, but stopped. Michael had got my mother. He was just holding her at first, and staring. Then, he pulled out his knife. He started repeatedly stabbing my mom. I put my hand over my mouth, and tried not to cry.

I started running upstairs again. And then Michael Myers decided to drop my mother and walk upstairs too. I realized when I got up there that I had made a terrible mistake. I had done what all the stupid people in horror movies do. I had gone upstairs. He could kill me anytime now...

We were standing face to face. He walked towards me, and I stared at the window. I went to the window and opened it, the window was perfect. In fact, it looked like it was made for things like this. But, I was about to make the choice of a lifetime. I could die, or live. I really didn't know.

I then jumped. I felt the air swooshing around me as I closed my eyes...


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