Halloween 9: He Never Dies

A new family buys the Myers home. Not at any chance are they aware that this home might be at least a little dangerous. And when Michael returns to his childhood home, nobody is safe.
I am sorry about this being rated R.


7. News

I heard many footsteps coming down from another hall. No, not Micheal, but the news crew. Shoving a camera in my face and handing me a microphone. I didn't want that.

"We now have 17 year old Samantha. So, Samantha, how does it feel to witness the brutal death of your mother?"Just the way that news lady said the word "brutal" made my fists clench.

"It's really hard to believe your mom has been killed by one of the most famous killers of all time. Especially because most  people thought Michael Myers was long gone. But Michael Myers is still here, he could be in this hospital." I spoke the truth. I really didn't feel comfortable giving out what I really felt though. I was just waiting for people to argue.

"Well at least you're the star of the show. Right, Sammy?" That is what made me snap. No, this isn't for anybody's stupid entertainment. People need to realize that they are all at risk of being murdered. 

"What kind of fucking person do you think I am? You don't understand at all! THIS ISN'T FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT. THIS IS FUCKING SERIOUS!" I stormed away, wanting to talk to Dr. Loomis.

"Where is Alex?" That question came to mind. I hadn't seen Alex since I jumped out that window. I waited for Dr. Loomis to answer as I stood in silence.

"He was never found. He either got killed, or escaped somehow." I prayed in my mind that he got away. I couldn't bear the thought of him not being alive. I could imagine his escape. He has those tiny but fast legs, he could've ran away, right? But where would he run?

Michael's mask appeared in my head over and over again. "We gotta get out of here." I grabbed Loomis's hand. He got up and started dashing down the other hall with me.

"I trust you." Dr. Loomis said. He started getting weak as we reached the lobby. That woman that was at the desk with raven hair and green eyes, was dead.

Her body was facing the computer. But I went closer to her and noticed blood running down her head. A bunch of pushpins were stuck in her body. How did Michael get away with a kill like that?

"MICHAEL! I'M RIGHT HERE! IT'S ME DR. LOOMIS!" Dr. Loomis started screaming. No, he couldn't be sacrificing himself for me. I needed him. 

"Don't." I looked him in the eye. "You are my only hope." I was serious. Loomis was the only one who knew how to survive Michael Myers. He could help everyone else too.

"I'll meet up with you." Dr. Loomis whispered to me. I didn't like this plan. And at that moment, I knew that I wasn't hallucinating this time, the white mask was staring at me once again. 


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