Halloween 9: He Never Dies

A new family buys the Myers home. Not at any chance are they aware that this home might be at least a little dangerous. And when Michael returns to his childhood home, nobody is safe.
I am sorry about this being rated R.


8. I Warned You

We both ran quickly out of the hospital. 

"I have to leave you." Dr. Loomis said. I was shocked and scared to hear such frightening words. How could I survive living with Michael Myers trying to chase me down?

"But-" It was too late. Dr. Loomis was no where to be seen. He had ran away. Now, it was my turn. Michael was breaking down the door. And I had to leave...

I ran to the back of the hospital, and I saw a man and woman walking up to the front. "Don't go there." I jumped in front of them both. 

"What are you doing, weirdo?" I was about to scream at them but I couldn't. "We're going to make love in the hospital bathroom."

I felt disgusted. They had to tell me that? And how is a hospital bathroom romantic in any way? I was so disturbed, but I couldn't show it. All I could do is warn them.

"THERE IS A FRICKING KILLER!" The couple ignored me and continued to walk to the front. Soon, they walked into the hospital. Michael wasn't there. I came with them into the lobby. No Michael there either. But that office lady's dead body was gone. Something wasn't right.

I continued to follow them to the bathroom. This was going to be gross, but not as gross as watching them be brutally murdered by Michael Myers. And I needed to watch their backs, I wanted to protect anyone I could.

I peeked through the bathroom stall they were in, ew... that's disgusting I thought. They were naked and I couldn't watch. I just waited outside the bathroom. I got even more disgusted hearing loud moans coming from there. 

I couldn't take it. I walked farther away from the bathroom and was startled by Michael. Of course, he was waiting. Right there, I almost didn't make it out of the hospital. I then noticed how he wasn't coming for me this time. I heard screaming coming from inside. This is exactly what I didn't want to happen. I warned that couple and they should have listened. Now their lives have been taken away because they cared more about having sex then  trying to avoid a killer.

I wasn't crying. Somehow it felt weird hearing someone die who never actually cared about you. It feels like such a big deal at first, but then the worries go away. Because you realize how they'd never care about your death either. I wasn't thinking that I was happy they died, I was just thinking...I warned you. You didn't listen. That's your fault.


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